Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sebring's are having a...


Look in the middle of the cake!  My friend, was really trying to trick us, because when we cut into it I saw pink first! So of course I was thinking that we were having a girl and then Alecia said "Look in the middle!" And boy, (literally) oh boy was I surprised! I had two thoughts in my head: "Yay for us, two boys will be so much fun." and "Oh no, poor Grace Ann she wanted a sister SO bad!"  But we all know that God has already mapped out our lives and we have no control! Thank goodness, because I know that putting two little boys together in a room will be easier than two little girls!

We are thrilled beyond words and we know that in time Grace Ann will understand the benefits to being the only girl in our house!  Especially when she is asking her Daddy for something!

Now we need a name!


Halloween Bash Part 2

 Here we had the "Elephant Swing" where you wear pantyhose on your head with oranges in the feet and you swing your "trunk" back and forth to knock down the water bottles.  We all laughed so much!

 My sweet friend, Alecia! She and her husband, Jonathan were troopers to come bc they were running in a "Mud Run 5K" the next day! So impressed!
 A good shot of Russ in his very formal attire! Ha! but he and Che were shaking the "junk" in the Junk in the Trunk game. You wear a kleenex box on your bottom and try to shake out the golfball! That was extremely funny and I and several others were on the floor dying in laughter! What good sports my friends are!

I love this picture of Susie, bc she was laughing so hard and her laughter is so contagious!

WE had a great time and I can't wait for next year!

Sebring Halloween Bash 2012 Part 1

 Boy, oh boy, did we have a wild time on Friday night with our friends at our annual Halloween party! And of course, Russ and I did NOT manage to get a picture together! We were a shot gun wedding, complete with Russ in a tuxedo T-shirt carrying a shot glass and toy gun...classy I know, but it was easy and fun to put together!  I have so MANY pictures from that night that I need to take two different posts to get all the pictures in, so here are the highlights of a fun night we had with friends!
 Me and my friend, Jenn (who moved away! I miss her so much!)
 And then us with Allison, who also moved away! Bunco just isn't the same without these sweet and special ladies!
 Russ catching up with our college friends (who just moved into the neighborhood)!
 We had pirates and Pink Ladies and the T-birds!
 So to keep in theme with this year's Olympic Games, we played funny games I found off of Pinterest! 
Allison is doing "Minute to Win-It" Where you suck through a straw to move the candy from the plate to the bowl!

 Here I am demonstrating how to do the game, "Noodling." It was harder than it looked, you use spaghetti pasta and rigatoni noodles.

 The Greek God and Goddess, Chad and Natalie!
She is due with their first in April!

The first Halloween party of the Weekend!

 Grace Ann, Henry and I loaded up on Thursday afternoon for the first of our big events this past weekend!  My friend, Suzanne, hosts a fun kids' party at her house for all us mommies to get together with the kiddos!  GA is "Tinkerbell" this year and she was very proud of her ensemble! I just love playing "dress up" with my girl!  Now, brother on the other hand was NOT a fan of the shark costume I picked up for him to wear!  You will be able to see how much he loved it in one of the pictures! Oh well, there is always next year and I am sure he will have a say in what he is wearing! 

 What a serious face?!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

20 weeks...Halfway there!

 20 weeks
Here I am halfway through with our last pregnancy! 
Whew time sure does fly by!

How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain: 10 lbs.
Maternity clothes: definitely YES! loving the stretchy pants and forgiving tops!
Gender: We find out tomorrow at the BIG reveal party! We can't wait!
Sleep: okay, just can't sleep on my back without feeling uncomfortable
What I miss: not much this week, it was such a busy week that I haven't thought about it much
Cravings: chocolate milkshakes, baked potato soup and butterfingers!
Symptoms: my face is looking pregnant now with some good ole facial swelling...yay!
Best Moment this week: when GA said, " I hope I have a sister bc I will share all my toys with her." Me: what if it is a boy? GA: " Then I will share Henry's toys with him."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Visiting the grandparents!

 This weekend we went to visit the grandparents, Grannie and Pop Pop! We got to Cleveland on Friday and    have been playing hard ever since.  On Saturday, we drove to Livingston to eat at Catfish King and get some good ole fried catfish!  However, on the way, we were all surprised when GA began throwing up in the car! I felt so bad for her!  She had been saying her tummy hurt all morning, but I just assumed she hadn't gone to the bathroom and she wasn't running fever. Boy, was I wrong! I remember looking back seeing her very pale face and asking her if she felt like throwing up and before I could get the bag to her face, she let it out!  Thank goodness I had my parents there, bc they were very helpful! We all cleaned her up, I had to take off my undershirt (since I had NO clothes for her) and get to Walmart for some change of clothes! I bought two outfits (just in case) and pull-ups bc I wasn't for sure what kind of stomach bug this could turn into!  Thankfully, she rallied and was just tired the rest of the day with no more yucky episodes!  I am so glad that she is feeling better and it didn't ruin her weekend! I am still praying that it won't hit the rest of us! Especially, on the way home!

 What a look! 

 Feeling better with new clothes and a sprite!
 Henry was holding onto dear life (his Grannie) bc GA and Pop-Pop were playing with a remote control truck! He did not like the "possessed" truck, he prefers pushing them!
 Playtime! (Will his hair ever lay straight?)

Reading books with my sweet boy...with apparently a very perplexed expression from me! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Methodist Church Fall Festival!

 Not too thrilled about the petting zoo I threw her into!
 But she warmed up!
 Waiting for the bouncy slide!
 These were the coolest boats! Wouldn't these be great at a birthday party!?

 Trying to capture poor stroller confined brother!
 Enjoying snow cones!

 His pants and shirt are soaked from his sno-cone and below you see what kind of "beautiful" brother and sister pictures I was able to capture! 

 Now this guy was a little scary, right? Grace Ann immediately turned down the idea of a picture!
 Henry's favorite part...the Tractor! The boy loves anything tractor!
  The pony ride! 

We had a great time being entertained at the Fall Festival put on by the church that sponsors Grace Ann's school.  They had the bounce house/slide, petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, the works!  So we were busy for a good 2 plus hours and thank goodness it wore the kids out, bc we all took a three hour nap afterwards!  Whew, who knew "FUN" took the energy right out of you!