Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dance Recital

We just finished another year of Ballet and Tap and concluded with a year end recital.  Grace Ann, had two cute costumes, that we enjoyed dressing her up in.  But I have to say, I am not dance mom material.  Pinning and gluing and the make-up and especially the hair were very stressful events and caused a few more tears and "No, Mommy!" than I would have liked!  Thankfully, it is over and she had a good time and is a very happy girl (also in part to the Dairy Queen ice cream she got afterward).  We are so very grateful to her Grannie and Pop-Pop for giving her the Patterson Dance Scholarship this year!  She is definitely our little ballerina!

 Her favorite pose

 She requested we do silly faces!

 Standing in line, about to go on stage
 Costume change into the ballet tutu

 All finished, but needed to snap a picture with a friend.
With that make-up she looks SO old! 
 Meme and Pepaw loved watching Grace Ann dance.
 And so did Grandma!
 Mommy and Daddy with their favorite Ballerina!

(I wasn't able to get pictures of the actual recital because they asked for no flash photography!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Day of School!

 Henry had such a fun year in the RED room!  
He went on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2 and sometimes got to stay in aftercare!
He had sweet friends, but will definitely remember Christopher, Anderson and Turner (the boys)!
He loved storytime, playing with the cars and blocks, and chapel/music time!
He did not like rest time, and boy, did he show his true colors with a few tantrums! 
He will miss (and me too!) his teachers, Ms. Regina and Ms. Susan, and the director, Ms. Becky!

Grace Ann had a great year in the PURPLE room!
She loved everything about her schedule and lessons!
Her classroom did a modified Montesorri Program.
She made such sweet friends this year and has made lasting memories!
She loved art, the hundreds board and practical life.
She will miss her teachers, Ms. Trisha and Ms. Lidia, so very much!
I can't believe she is going to KINDERGARTEN! Where did my baby girl go?

Spring Pictures with Cousins...

 These cuties are 4 months apart and so so so precious!
 My sweet boys, so cute but sooooo different!

 Her Five Year Portrait! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Tea

 Today, Grace Ann invited me to her classroom's Mother's Day Tea! We had the best time and I enjoyed spending some one on one time with her.  She has been anticipating this day all week and has kept hinting, really telling me all the things the class had planned!  When I arrived, Grace Ann greeted me at the door and gave me a lai to wear around my neck and then escorted me to my seat.  Then, she served me a plate of treats and some punch.  And her class did a little presentation by reading a book about mothers.  (I am sad that her teacher is retiring this year, because she won't be able to have the boys!)  After the presentation, she gave me a rose, a mini-canvas painting she did and the book they read to us.  I loved this day with her! 

 And they decorated a cake for us!
Too bad I can't have any of it...I am on the 21 day sugar detox! But the kids will be more than 
willing to enjoy it for me!
I love this smile!  A little sugar and excitement all rolled into one!