Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter Weekend began with a burst of energy but then ended with a stomach virus... as you can see Henry didn't look so good and he was the first to get sick and then Emme got it, too. At least, we were all together and got to find some eggs and hang out with my brother's family.  

Davis' turns 3!

On March 7th, my baby boy turned 3 years old! Three years ago, Russell and I had the biggest, red-faced baby weighing in at 9lbs. 5 oz. with big, beautiful blue eyes and our lives have never been the same since... I can still remember how surprised I was that he had peach fuzz hair and pale pink skin! I thought another Grace Ann, and poor Henry looking like the odd man out in the gene pool (even though he looked the most like me and Russ).

Davis gives so much love to the people who are around him, he is full of life and energy and shows how to truly live life...with pure adventure!  Plus, he gives his mommy the best hugs and kisses.  And even when he is driving me crazy, he just has to give me that sweet smile and I just melt. This boy has me wrapped around his little (chubby) finger!

His birthday party was in his classroom with his friends at school and I got a donut cake from Krispy Kreme and Chick Fil A kids' meals for all the kiddos! Easiest party ever...