Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Morning...

Here are some pics of GA on Christmas morning when Santa came to visit! I could hardly wait for her to come into the living room to see all the new goodies! We filmed the moment and it was just precious seeing her face light up! I can only imagine what she was thinking and I loved every minute of it! She was really into her stocking and kept looking and grabbing just in case she forgot something. As you see one of her favorites were the sunglasses! Every sassy girl needs her shades! Right?! Well, enjoy some of my favorites!

Kickin' back at the big girl table (courtesy of Mimi and Pepaw)

Such a cheese face! I love it!!!

What's in this thing?!

GA and Daddy moment...

All dressed up!

Christmas Eve at the Sebring house!!! GA was all dressed up for Christmas Vigil Mass and boy did she enjoy hollering and squealing throughout church! I spent most of the service watching people go to the bathroom while she ran and played in the sitting area outside the restrooms. LOVELY! But I guess you just have to be a good sport about the whole thing and just remember what is really important and one day I will miss this stage of her life! So here are a few pics of our little thing posing in front of the jail house Christmas tree!