Monday, September 20, 2010

Cousin Jack, a trip to Midland and rainy days!

Busy, busy, busy is what we have been these last few weeks! Family in town for Labor Day, a trip to our favorite West Texas town and school canceled for flood rains in South Texas! I feel so bad because I have not been in my classroom since last Wednesday, my students have probably forgotten that I am even their teacher!! Last week, I was oh so fortunate to be called into jury duty and then yep--picked for the jury! I have to say that it was really hard to sit and listen to someone's mistakes and then make a judgement on it. I have such a sensitive heart and I want to believe the best in everyone, so this was a very hard job for me. But thankfully, it's over and me, Russ and GA left for Midland on Thursday for a quick visit. (I had Friday off for Hummer festival.)
We went on a whirlwind visiting tour and we were able to see three new babies! Now that we are expecting, it makes me so excited to have another one ( a little nervous, too). I was able to feed little miss emery and I was so scared I was doing it wrong( thanks Jill for being so patient with my fumble fingers) I am going to need some more practice! Thank goodness GA has plenty of doll babies to practice with....ha! We also got to see miss henley faye and mr. jake!!! Such cute and precious babies and so tiny...I keep thinking was grace ann that tiny?
I also got to visit with my sweet treasure, Oceana!! I love this girl so much and she is such a constant reminder of joy for Russ and I! We were able to take her to lunch and then she and I hung out at Barnes and Nobles looking at books (something I have not done in FOREVER!). Yes, GA was with her Meme, thank goodness.
Well, my fingers are getting pretty enjoy the pictures! Sorry no pictures from our trip to Midland.
Our little ballerina!
"I a ballerina!"-Grace Ann

Eating waffles with Mommy on our rainy day date!

Are they not cute in those life jackets! Nellie made the picture, too!

Dancin' fools!
Always giggling and playing around like monkeys!
I love, love, love their belly laughs!!!

My sweet girl! She's going to be such a great big sister!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A little surprise...

DUE: MARCH 18, 2011
We are so excited to grow our family of 3 to a family of 4!

Grace Ann turns 2!

On Aug. 14th, we celebrated GA's 2nd birthday with a morning playdate (sorry no pictures from that, I seemed to have been a little busy...) and a family party that evening. Grace Ann had shown such an interest in Nemo this summer that we decided to go all Nemo-Out for the party! She loves anything to do with the ocean, so she was in love with all the party decorations. We had a such a fun weekend with our family and friends and feel so blessed that we get to be Grace Ann's parents.

Opening presents...
Blowing out candles

Wow..what a pretty cake Grace Ann!

With Meme and Pepaw

We loved the cake! It was so cute!