Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Feeding Emme is a family affair!

 These girls! Emme started rice cereal this week and GA was super excited for her.  
Grace Ann just looks so grown-up and I can't believe that just a while ago she was Emme's age! 

 And the boys wanted to join in the fun, too!
 Grace Ann is missing a ton of teeth!

Eating so good! Lots of cereal coming out of the mouth...
 These pictures are for Pop-Pop, he wants to know if she's crawling and I am happy to say, 
But, she is propping herself up getting ready to move!

 Look at her hair! It truly stays up all day long!
I just love her little face, I could just eat her up!

Emme- 5 months!

 This little sweet pea turned 5 months old on Sept. 21st and has been smiley ever since!
Emme has been a busy girl as she is acquiring all kinds of new skills to help her keep up with her brothers and sister.  
This month she has really started rolling around the play mat and propping up on her arms. She loves her activity center that lets her touch and feel all kinds of fun.  

I am starting to sit her up more and more to strengthen her core and get her good at balancing (especially for her big bow days)!  

Her hair keeps standing up more and more on top of her head and I can't get it to lay down, so you will see some wild hair days from this girl!
 Lots of drooling and fingers in mouth are going on, too.
She is getting partial to her thumb, but I keep sticking that paci in whenever I get the chance!

 Emme loves her feet, too! 
She is really grabbing them!

 Looking at Daddy and giving him her best smile! 

Eating: Just started rice cereal and so far so good, she is a very sloppy eater! 

Sleeping: Thankfully, she has been great. Even with the fact that she has such a crazy schedule while I cart all the other kids to and from their appointments and drop-offs.  

She usually goes to sleep between 8-8:30 and wakes up around 7-8am (luckily, Russ has been doing GA's drop off so I can let her sleep at little later)

She's in 3-6 month clothes, mostly 6 month outfits and wears a size 2 diaper. I think in the few weeks we are going to move into those size 3s.  

We are just smitten with this little thing and just love watching her grow! She is definitely a Sebring baby with her chubby cheeks and precious smiles!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Go Henry Go! First Soccer game

 Team #5, later to be named the "Lions"
 Running through the banner!
 He was beyond excited to have his jersey!

With cousin Brooks (his game was right after Henry's game)