Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend pics!

 Finished room! Russ hung up the shelf and wall knobs above the changing table. I also added new crystal knobs on the changing table, too. 

 Poor Daddy, no one wanted to take a picture with him!

 All weekend, Henry was not interested in posing or smiling! But I realized that he was getting sick, poor guy had a temp and some sniffles after church today!
 Getting into trains...

 Telling me not to take his picture...and then he literally laid on the couch for 4 hours watching Curious George on Netflix!

Bluebonnet Pictures

 Well, we tried to get some good bluebonnet pictures, however, Russell and I quickly realized going around lunchtime and in the bright sun did not help the situation.  But I think we got a few cute shots! The flowers smelled so good and I guess I never knew that bluebonnets had a strong smell.  Maybe next year, we will get better with the right timing and bring some bribery for the kids (in the form of lollipops)!

 The boys were not fans of looking or smiling at the camera...

 35 weeks 6 days

 My sweet girl lost her other front tooth and I just love this new smile! It is just too cute and I had to capture it...I can't believe she will be seven this summer!
Beautiful Bluebonnets

Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Update!

I am finally sitting down with some baby updates! I feel that this pregnancy has been the hardest and fastest one out of all my pregnancies.  For one, we are in a house with stairs.  I never thought that would be an issue, but going up and down has worn me out.  However, it has kept me in a little bit of shape. 

We have decided on a name for sweet little girl and we went with: Elizabeth McKinley Sebring.
Elizabeth is for Russell's paternal grandmother and McKinley is my mom's maiden name.
(Grace Ann's middle name is Russell's moms' maiden name)
We are not sure if we are going to stick to Elizabeth or come up with a shorter nickname...
we will have to see when we meet her, but for now we are calling her Elizabeth.

So far, I have...
  • gained a lot of weight, I think almost 30lbs.
  • not gotten much sleep, from lack of being in an uncomfortable sleeping position.
  • crave anything from super sweet to super salty, no change there, I just love food and pregnancy has given me the excuse to stuff myself.
  • been chasing after 3 kids with this pregnancy which has made me so very tired!

Russell and I are almost finished with her new room, we just need to hang some shelves and fill them with cute knick-knacks! We purchased a new glider for the room and it is so comfortable. When I go back to teach, I am so taking it with me!

 We were so blessed with gifts from a "sprinkle" my Corpus friends gave me last weekend

 Russell really likes the glider as well, he mentioned that it might be great in a future deer blind...

 Late night, no make-up day
Hope to get a better a picture before she arrives!

 I am huge! 35 weeks, 1 day


Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Davis!

 Davis turned 2! Wow, my baby baby boy is 2! We had a family birthday party for him with cousins galore! We had Brooks, Camden, Jack and Gemma! I think this is first time we have been so lucky to have both sides of cousins together, it was so fun for my kids! For Davis we were able to get the bounce house we had ordered for Henry's party and the kids enjoyed jumping on it for hours!
Davis is really into trucks, especially dump trucks, so we had a "dump truck" themed party for him and I made his cake.  It was chocolate on chocolate and very rich...needless to say Davis loved eating every bite!