Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Standing up!

My parents keep asking me to post more videos of Grace here you are Mom and Rick! Enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This weekend I ran my 1st 5K since graduating college! Ever since I had Grace Ann I have been in search of an outdoor activity that I can do to get back into shape! I am not a runner and this has been a challenging goal to attain. Now I can proudly say I finished and ran the entire way in 32 minutes and 5 seconds! Woo-hoo! I had a great time with my Stroller Strides buddies, Aleisha and Leann! Thanks guys for your support and help!
Lovely picture of me finishing me the race! No make-up or fixed hair, but a lot of sweat!!! (Also I think it is time to get some sun on my legs!)

Aleisha, Leann and me after the race

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

So I decided to take our afternoon play outside where Grace Ann and I can enjoy the Spring breeze and watch our little weiner dog do his tricks. Which today he showed us how to eat grass! Way to go Oscar!

We haven't been doing too much, just our regular routine with a few trips to Stroller Strides work-outs. However, I need your thoughts and some prayers as I run my first 5K since COLLEGE (yes you read correctly, I am that old)! While I am running, Russ will be with "the boys" for a fun weekend of fishing from a floating house. I think he's crazy but he is oh SO excited about this adventure! Give that boy a pole and some line and he is in heaven! He deserves it because he puts up with his Sebring girls bossin' him around!

Friday, I am visiting little Miss Sophie at the hospital! She is doing well, but needs to keep gaining weight and eating regularly so she can go home! I know Natalie and Marvin will be so excited when that day comes!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More pictures from Easter!

Rick took some amazing pics of his grandgirl and can't you tell she definitely likes to pose! We had so much fun dressing her up in all the cute outfits she has for Spring time! Enjoy-there are quite a few!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in Cleveland!

Last week was not too fun for me due to an unexpected stomach flu and the A/C went out in my car! Also did I mention that Russ was working in the valley for the whole week! Grace Ann was a trooper as I laid on the floor holding my stomach asking her to play nice while I made my many trips to the bathroom ( sorry for the mental image). Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours! However during that time my sweet friend Natalie called me, left me a message and said she was on the way to the hospital to have little Sophie! Did I check my messages all last week? NO- I did not! So on Sunday night I texted her to let her know that I would be going to the hospital on Monday to be with her for her C-section was scheduled for Monday, but I missed everything! What a friend I am.....I felt terrible when she called me on Monday to tell me she had Sophie last week! But praise the Lord Sophie is doing great with the help of everyone's prayers she is breathing on her own and her heart surgery went off perfectly!!! I was so thrilled that everything went as planned and now they are waiting for Sophie to learn how to eat and gain a little weight!
After re-couping from the stomach flu I realized that my A/C was blowing hot air! Wonderful! I live in South Texas and living without A/C is just not an option! So after visiting my local Ford repair shop and paying my lovely bill my car was back in business! Lightning please don't strike again for a while!
Somehow after all that I am still smiling because like you and I all know as long as you have a healthy family and Jesus is in your heart, simply stated: Life is good!
We had a great and joyful Easter with my folks in Cleveland and after the rain cleared up GA got to play outside on a blanket! I will post more pics soon (Rick took some great shots)!

Weekend in Austin!

Kristen, Emily, Lindsey, Meagan and Me at the shower
Before heading to Gruene, GA had a wagon ride with little miss MaKinley! She is so darn cute!

Makinley even let GA try on her shades! Hmmm...I think we need some of those! Here's Russ (slightly annoyed that I have to take pictures to post on the blog!)

Thanks for being a good sport--- babe!

Grace Ann next to the pretty flowers! They had such beautiful flower beds everywhere! Unfortunately, my camera battery died! Ohhhhh snap!

The first weekend in April, Russ and I with GA in tow, headed down (well I guess up) to Austin for Lindsey and Eric's couples shower! We had so much fun visiting with college friends and having a night out while Emily's mom watched GA for us! On Sunday we took the scenic route home and enjoyed the afternoon in Gruene and eating at one of our favorites: The Gristmill! The weather was perfect just a little cooler than expected and so Grace Ann had to wear warmer clothes instead of the sassy bubble suit I had originally planned. What can I say everything revolves around fashion with this baby girl!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And she says da-da....

Russell is getting Grace Ann ready for her bath and they are just talking to each other! Too cute!

Video of GA with some not-so-yummy-green beans!

So here is a little video clip of GA at dinner and she has gotten quite good at refusing to eat certain foods, mostly green beans! Lately I have tried the sneaky method of feeding her a little bit of fruit on top of the green beans, but she can see right through me. She is definitely a Sebring! Enjoy! (Still trying to upload the video of her saying da-da)