Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Bend Magazine

Grace Ann's first babysitter, who is now all grown up with her own family, asked us to be in the lifestyle magazine that she and her husband own/run.  I was so flattered, but the article was about why we liked living in our area of the coastal bend.  I told her, "Kaley, we are moving!" She wanted us to do it anyway.  And I am so glad we did, because the photographer took pictures of us in front of our house and I just felt so happy about having those pictures of us in "our house."  I will treasure them forever.  You can see the article on their website:

 This picture was the one they used for the article.

 And we were lucky enough to have Oceana with us for a picture, too!

 And this picture was the one in the beginning of the article.

 Davis was a very happy camper, because he got to have his first lollipop!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Iphone pictures!

 GA's bedmaking skills, she got a bit creative, but hey the job got done!
 And then she got even more creative and dressed up a few of her stuffed was great entertainment for her and I was able to pack a few boxes!
 Our last haircuts with Ms. Toy

 We will miss her, the kids just adore her!
 And when Daddy was away, this sweet girl snuck into bed with me!
 Henry likes to fall asleep at 5:00 o'clock, makes for great bedtime!
 Aquarium Fun

 A teacher I taught with lost her battle to breast cancer this month, and it just breaks my heart.  She was very loved by our community and they had a sweet memorial for her outside the school.  Please pray for her husband and two boys. 
 GA loves her clipboard.
 We will miss our doctor! The kids loved going to see Dr. Schulze!
 Henry's first movie, he was wiggly and GA got scared so we had to leave early. But at least we enjoyed the popcorn!

 Daddy loving on Davis after his nap!
Best birthday ever! Having these guys are the best presents!

4th of July

 Family Picture with Hiding Henry, distracted Davis and Never Looks at the Camera Grace Ann

 And this cute boy, with his best friend the paci
 And happy Henry
 And grumpy Henry...
 GA and Grandma

 Beach fun with friends!

Poor Russ missed the pictures, he was the photographer!