Monday, September 26, 2011

My Football Fans!

I sure do love these boys! They melt my heart!
I took this picture the other night at the Island House when we were all watching some good 'ole Texas football!

Oh, Henry I could just eat you up! Love you sweet boy!

First Day of MDO!

Grace Ann started Mother's Day Out in August! She loves it and was so excited to go to "school!" I love her teacher and the little classroom that she's in! It was so cute to see her wear a backpack and carry her lunch kit! Now we just need to fine-tune those listening ears!

The Tooth Fairy!

Today, Grace Ann and I had such a fun time together playing "tooth fairy!" Earlier, before going to the grocery store, she got out all her favorite dress-up clothes ready to dress-up. However, being the mama with a goal of getting grocery shopping done by 11 o'clock...I tabled the dress-up until after "sleepytown aka nap." Then I had the idea of letting her be the tooth fairy where I cut out extremely terrible looking teeth ( I have never claimed to be an artist) and hid them around the house for her to find! She loved it and for 30 minutes we were in tooth fairy bliss! Even brother enjoyed watching big sister prance or shall I say scoot around in her high heels complete with tennis shoe socks! So precious is my little girl!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Sisters!

Happy Birthday Emily, Lindsey and Kristen!

We had a fabulous time relaxing at Casa Dana's and catching up!

Thanks for such a great time with the best ladies of Alpha Delta Pi Fall '99!

Visiting with our Mississippi Family! (late July)

After Sea World, I got this great idea to load up my kids again and set off to visit my extended family in Mississippi! Thank goodness my mom volunteered to join us because one fussy baby, a whining pre-schooler and one frustrated mama do not make a road trip too enjoyable. So thank you a million times over to the wonderful mom that I have!

We did however get to see lots of family and as GA puts it, "Are we going to meet more family, mommy?" I know that poor girl was so confused by the time we left! As we say in the South, "Bless her heart!"

I love getting to see all my first cousins, who I grew up with seeing at almost every holiday, so it's hard to not see them very often. I love hearing their accents and eating that good southern comfort food.

The trip was very memorable and I was so glad to see people who I haven't seen in a long time.

Henry and my godfather, Uncle Shelton

GA and her Uncle Buck
Posing for a cousin picture

Isn't it so much fun to get everyone smiling and in the right place?

Jenn, Mom, JJ, Henry and Aunt Julie

Sea World 2011

Did this girl love her trip to Sea World!
We went in late July and believe me we won't be doing that again!
It was out of control too hot, but we had a good time despite the heat and crowds!
These pictures are from the second day we went, where we just took GA while Henry and my parents hung out at the hotel. It was too hot for my sweet boy!
We were so lucky that my parents tagged along, because they were so helpful and we could not have done without them!