Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Davis is One Month Old!

Davis is One Month Old...

11 lbs. 3 oz.
23 inches long
80th % in weight
85th% in height

We have a great big boy! So far, Davis is doing all the fun newborn stuff. He eats, sleeps and has lots of dirty diapers for his parents to change!  What a joy this little guy has been! I have just been holding and loving on Davis as much as possible!  Since he is our last sweet smelling baby I am really trying to treasure this baby stage.  I feel like with Grace Ann and Henry I did the same thing, too, but this sweet sleepy stage just goes by too fast!  I still can't believe that GA is 4 and Henry is 2! Where did the time go?  

  • At one month, Davis is....
    • eating every 2-3 hours during the day and at night can go 4-5 hour stretches of sleep!
    • sleeping more in the morning hours and late evening with some wake periods in the middle of the day
    • dodging his big brothers pats and heavy kisses and extremely loud in his ear screams.
    • enjoying big sister's sweet voice and songs.
    • started giving us some smiles
    • hates the hiccups and has them often.
    • sleeps upright in a bouncy seat to avoid spit-up
    • loves to be swaddled in a SwaddleMe blanket
    • uses the paci for extra soothing
    • uses a sleep machine for white noise
    • takes Little Tummies gas drops before feedings.
    • loves to be held and cuddled!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Henry! You are already 2!

Since craziness has occurred in my household since the beginning of March, I haven't spent time blogging about Henry being 2!  I really can't believe my "first" sweet boy has hit the big 2!  And boy, have we begun those 2's....Bless his little heart, he is going through some changes. First, I was pregnant and then bringing Davis home...Henry has had little time to wrap his head around what happened in our house! 

However, he is growing like a weed and doing so many new things lately! I am so amazed at all he can do and say!

Since turning 2 he...

  •  has been interested in "transportation" like planes, trains and tractors!
  • knows all the sounds those things make.
  • can sing the ABC song while jumping up and down.
  • loves to say: 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!
  • loves to sing along with TV show songs (Mickey Mouse, Barney, Elmo, etc.)
  • chases Grace Ann anywhere as long as she says "Tag, you're it!"
  • gets upset when things don't go his way.
  • throws good 2 year old tantrums! (super fun for mommy when he goes boneless or arches his back and throws that head)
  • is a super wiggle worm in church!
  • doesn't really like vegetables, sometimes he will eat ONE sweet pea or green bean!
  • will eat fruit, beans, turkey, cheese, waffles, eggs, bacon, pancakes, chicken nuggets and some other foods I am forgetting! 
  • drinks 4-5 cups of milk a day!
  • takes an afternoon nap for about 2 hours and sleeps about 11-12 hours each night.
  • goes to a babysitter's house 2 days a week
  • says the cutest things and loves to repeat his sister's phrases.
  • talking in phrases and 3 word sentences.
  • working on naming colors and shapes
  • does prayer hands and says "holy spirit" when we do the sign of the cross...so cute!
  • can independently play with toys for 15 minutes by himself and LOVES to go outside and run, run, run!
Some of his funny phrases he says,

"I spy sum-tin...."  (learned this from GA and no he doesn't spy anything...)
"Hi, MA-mmy."
"Tag, you're it."
" I wuvv you."
"Night-night, sleep-tight!"
Screams "BABEEEEE" around Davis and screams "DA-dee" when Russ comes home!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last Easter post...Easter morning...a visit from the Easter bunny!

 Grace Ann's drawing for the Easter bunny!
 I got so excited to have 3 Easter baskets! 
 the kids got a note, too, and we left some carrots!

 This picture has got to be one of my ABSOLUTE favorites of this sweet boy! He had put his shoes on all by himself!  And he wanted to go get his eggs in this outfit! What a face!  I love you so much Henry!
 As you can see GA was "reading" her note!

Easter Lunch with Meme and Pepaw!

After conquering church for the first time since we had Davis, which by the way, was pretty difficult considering we were in a packed church and Henry was acting like a true 2 year old (bless his little heart)...we went to the Island to enjoy a wonderful meal provided by the delicious cook: Russell's mom! The Good Lord definitely blessed her with good homecookin' skills and we jump at the chance to eat what she makes!  We also had fun cracking "confetti eggs" with the kids after lunch!  They loved it!

 Davis in dreamland while we ate!

First Bath for Davis!

 After two weeks, his cord finally fell off and this little guy got his first FULL bath!  Russ and I did it after the "big kids" went to bed and if I remember correctly it was like 11 o'clock on a Saturday night! That's right we are some wild and crazy people!  After having 3 kids we finally learned how to give a bath without too many tears!  He was a great sport, even when he would lean over to the side a little too much! 

All done and super cuddly...ohh, how I love this stage!  He is just so precious!

Egg Hunts Galore!

We were so lucky to attend 3 Egg Hunts this year!  Grace Ann had one at school plus her Easter party, we went to the one they had at our public library and another one at a local church (unfortunately, our church did not have one).  Henry had so much fun finding eggs and Grace Ann enjoyed looking through to find what kind of candy she got!

 Grace Ann's class...they were so excited!

 Surprisingly, Henry wasn't freaked out by the Easter bunny!

 I will say that Russ and I were worn out on Saturday afternoon! And all 5 of us sacked out for some good naps!  And don't worry we didn't forget little Davis, he was snug as a bug in the carseat that was parked on the stroller! 

Awkward Family Easter Pictures...

 Happy Easter from the Sebring Family!
(Enjoy the many, many attempts we tried to take of our first family of 5)