Sunday, February 6, 2011

ADPI Baby Shower

Today, Russ, GA and I loaded up in the car and headed to SA for a baby shower my sweet college friends and also my ADPI sisters had for me and Laura! We had the best time catching up and I wish we could have had more time together! Henry got a lot of cute, cute things and I am getting excited about this little boy coming home to us in March! Here are some pics of the shower!

Apparently something happened to the cake and I had to catalog this event in my blog forever, because it so like my group of friends to have some kind of blooper! It still tasted EXCELLENT!
GA and Laura deep in conversation! Luckily, GA was pretty good, even without a nap!

Laura- 23 weeks, Me- 34 weeks and Lindsey- 26 weeks

The whole group plus one future ADPI sister;)

Emily writing in my baby book!

Isn't that such a cute towel! It's a puppy dog on the front!

Me and Laura...she's having a girl!
Cute little boy clothes!
Thank you friends! I feel so blessed to have you all in my and forever!

A surprise winter break and a little dancin'

On Wednesday of this week, my school district shut school down for Thursday and Friday! So that means a 4 day weekend!! Down in South Texas when the weather predicts ice, snow or ice pellets we take it seriously....12 school districts called off school! Of course our dear weathermen didn't quite predict the right weather and there definitely wasn't any snow and very little ice! Oh well, a nice break for me and some quality time with my little girl before she becomes a big sister! Russ also had Friday off, due to both big bridges being closed. So we stayed in and announced to GA it was Jammy Day! She had so much fun and we enjoyed being at home together!

GA has really gotten into dress-up and "ballerinas," so when I DVRed Seven Brides for Seven Brothers she became so enthralled with all the dancing! So every time I play the big barn dance scene she runs to he room and puts every dress-up piece she owns and goes into a Rogers and Hammerstein trance! She is her momma's child! So Russ played along and was her dance partner! Super cute and I love to watch Russ get wrapped around her finger!

The Trance

Getting ready for baby Henry!

Here are some pictures of Henry's room. I haven't hung anything on the walls yet and Mary is busy making some more cute throw pillows for the bed plus a bed skirt. So once I have put the finishing touches on the room I will take some more pics. But so far this is where I am! Oh and isn't GA cute with her hat o' bubbles!!!

Move over baby crib, here comes my Big Girl Bed!

A few weeks ago, while Russ went off-shore fishing, Mary and I set up GA's big girl bed and boy does she love it! I want to take pictures of her finished room, but that means she can't be in the house or else she will DE-stage it! So that will be a later post... but for now enjoy the sweet face of an extremely excited little girl to be in a real bed!

I put in this picture of Mary and Earl setting up the crib in Henry's room! Poor Earl, had just come back from eating dinner with some friends and he was so tired! This pic. was taken at 10:30pm!! I have the BEST in-laws ever!!!