Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus!!

We had a busy weekend filled with breakfast with Santa, a birthday party and brunch with Santa after church on Sunday! And we also went Christmas shopping, too!!! With a toddler it takes twice as long to accomplish anything...but Russ and I just muscled through it and ended the weekend with a nice long nap! Thank you GA for taking a 3 hour nap this afternoon!

As you can see we are not fans of Santa Claus yet and Grace Ann informed us that he doesn't have to stop by our house this year! On Saturday morning at our breakfast with SC we got a glimpse of the sheer horror that a toddler goes through when they see people dressed up. We didn't get any snapshots of that event but we did get it on video. However, this morning we put our sweet unsuspecting daughter through the terror once again so I could get a photo op for this year in her life. She will thank me later, I think. So here are some of my favorites from this morning...

One of her happier moments
Mommy and GA

Not a fan!!!!!&*(%^$#@!

Mommy, don't let him get any closer!
(My attempt at a semi-pleasant pic by the wooden Santa. The real Santa was sitting near by!)

Okay Santa you stay over there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis' the Season

We had Mom, Enjoli, Camden and Rick over for Thanksgiving and boy, two little ones are double the fun! Grace Ann had some trouble learning how to share her toys and keeping her hands to herself. Definitely, something we need to work on! Hopefully, we are going through a stage and she will outgrow this! But just in case I have ordered "The Happiest Toddler on the Block."

On Thanksgiving morning I forced my family to go to the Turkey Chase at North Beach in CC, where we did the 2 mile walk. Now I am not a competitive person, but for some reason I was out to win or at least place in the walk. How hard could it be? was pretty hard and I super sore! But it was totally worth it b/c I got 2nd place in the woman's walk! There was this extremely fast lady about 15 feet ahead of me and she was truckin' it! Russell also commented that I looked pretty silly as a fast walker! Yes, I know my legs were a goin' and my backside was stickin' out! GA was with me for about 1 and a half, then I got down to business and I handed her off to Russ. Then as I was waiting for everyone else to finish here comes Russ LEISURELY walking across the finish line and HE GOT 2ND PLACE TOO! Not to rain on my sweet husband's parade, but he clocked in at 37min!!!! And his medal was bigger than mine!!!

But after the race we all headed home to cook the turkey and have a great family meal! The kids had a great time eating pumpkin pie and we just laughed at how they smeared themselves with it. Rick took some funny pictures, which I will have to post later. Enjoy the pics from the weekend.

(The few in the Christmas outfits were our attempts at taking some shots for the Christmas card!)

Camden has the sweetest smile!!

I love this picture...he was having such a good time running ALL over the place!

Enjoli and Camden having a sweet moment.

Pop and his grandkids

Me and Mom with the table set for dinner. I got the cutest cookies with pilgrim hats and indian feathers for the place settings.

Gearing up for the race with bundled up babies!
(Poor Enjoli wasn't feeling well that morning.)

Flashing the bling!

Our cute Chrismtas pj's