Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving in Midland

Here are our snow pics from Thanksgiving!

We partake in an American tradition: the snowball fight!

Didn't work out so good for me, though.......

I was really cold!

This pic was taken AFTER he said he was sorry for nailing me with the snowball.

Russell's parents front yard!

Pictures from Fall '07

Oscar didn't quite fit into his hotdog costume this year and he was not happy about posing for this picture!
Me and Bea the cutest dog witch in town!
Russ was in tears from laughing so hard at Bea trying to take off her witch hat. You can see that little things amuse us the most!

Russ with Matt and Mark
Me and Russ with Mr. Jack

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Over Thanksgiving break Russ and I made the 9 hour track up to Midland to visit the folks! We had a great time seeing old friends and family and the best part of the trip was the beautiful snow! Now that we live in South Texas we have become accustomed to mild temperatures and haven't felt the extreme cold in a while. Whoa were we COLD!

The morning of Thanksgiving Russell woke me with the news,"It's snowing!" I felt like I was 8 years old on Christmas morning because I ran outside in my PJs to feel the snow. It doesn't snow often and I was scared that it might stop so I had to get out and play in slushy ice, but we were lucky because it snowed all day. We had a snowball fight, which Russ really nailed me. For some reason when we have these little contests on who will get who the most he ALWAYS wins. After I said truce, we got the dogs and tried to get them to cooperate for pictures. Of course they have a mind of their own and do not do what you want them to do.

After the turkey, Russ and his dad went to the deer lease with his crew of camo-wearing, camp-loving friends and I stayed with Mary to sleep and catch up on movies! One thing I have told Russ up front is that I am not a camper and will never be a wife who enjoys going to the deer lease! That is his utopia and mine is AnnTaylorLOFT!

We miss our Midland friends and can't wait to see them again in December at the Sebring's Annual Christmas party!