Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Russell's 31st Birthday!

Russ changing a diaper....had to get this on camera!
A kiss from daddy!

The Sebring 3 complete with party hats and apparently we are matching...don't worry we are not Bud and Sissy from Urban Cowboy with the matching plaid Wrangler shirts.
(Maybe next year...)

Russ is such a cheeseball!

This past weekend Russ had his 31st birthday and he had a great weekend! The folks came down and Dad (Earl) took Russ on an air boat fishing trip! He left at 5am and didn't come home until 5pm! Now this was defnitely the equivalent of a super fun spa day for me, but you could not pay me enough money to get on a boat for 12 hours! We got to visit with Mom and Dad(Mary and Earl) all weekend and we even threw Russ a little party complete with balloons and party hats! Grace Ann had so much fun she could hardly contain herself as you can tell from the pictures!

Such a big girl!!!

I can take naps in my crib!
I can stretch my arms, just like my daddy!
This is my pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!!

And I can look confused when my mom asks me to do something like smile. I wonder where she got that from........hmmmmm.........
We went to the doctor on Oct. 20th for those big, bad shots and here are our stats for 9 weeks:
Weight: 12 lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 24 inches long

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the pumpkin patch at Great-Grandma Sebring's church. We picked out pumpkins for our front door and took this opportunity to take some cute pics of the girl! I don't think she was as excited as I was for the photo session! I couldn't quite get a picture with her smiling! Oh well, in person, she looked pretty darn cute and her big orange bow was too funny!

The Sebring 3!
GA open your eyes!
Can you tell Russ loves getting his picture taken?
Great-grandma with GA
We took like 20 pictures with her by the pumpkins and this was by far the best one! Her outfit says "Short and Sweet" with a candy corn on it! I just love the GAP!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Grace Ann's Baptism

Rick, Mom, me, GA, Russ, Earl, Mary and Dad
GA getting baptized...such a special moment!
Our awesome godmother......Emily!
Fr. Paul....our awesome godfather and he married me and Russ!
This past weekend, Russ and I had Grace Ann baptized at St. Mary's in Cleveland where I grew up and where we were married five years ago. It was so nice to have our close family and friends around us to celebrate this day with us. Russell's parents came in from Midland and my dad came in from Columbia, MS. Fr. Paul came in from Ft.Worth and Emily from Austin! We also had Remica, her mom and Berklie come in from Terrell! Thank you everyone for keeping our new little family in your thoughts and prayers.....it meant so much to us!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Sunday best!

I had been waiting until GA could fit into this precious outfit. Now I am not one to love animal print, but I just love this outfit! GA looks so cute with the bow in her hair and her mary jane socks on, too! This was taken right before church and we almost missed out on wearing this outfit due to an unfortunate spit-up accident, but we escaped with good hand and eye coordination between me and Russ! What a team!

Poor Oscar hasn't been getting any face time on the blog.....so here he is with his hunting hat on getting ready for Halloween!