Monday, May 31, 2010

Paradise- Day Three!

Here we are this afternoon! After GA got up from her nap and Russ and I got back from lounging at the pool (thank you Mimi and Pepaw for watching GA) we headed for the beach. Marcie, Keith and Jack had gone earlier in the day and they had the best time, so we had to see for ourselves. And we were not let down, Grace Ann had so much fun and kept saying (over and over) "I swimmin', I swimmin'" and then after we had enough of the swimmin' we played in the sand. She was really unsure of the sand and kept on trying to touch it, but she was just paralzyed with this new activity. But after Russ and I pushed her hands in she went to town. Not so much making anything, but throwing sand everywhere screaming/giggling, "Daaa-deee, we made it! We made it!" I'm not quite sure what we were making, but we WERE making it! Russ and I laughed so hard! So far we have been enjoying the neighborhood and not making hard decisions, like pool or beach?

Paradise-Day One and Two

Well, we have made it to Watercolor, Florida and let me just say that it is AWESOME! After a pretty good flight to Panama City we headed to Seaside, where Russell's folks rented a house for us. The house is equipped with all the comforts of home including bikes, which everyone rides to and from the beach and all around this perfect little resort town! Our first few days we went to the beach, loaded up on groceries, and staked out the best pools. The kids were exhausted after swimming two times a day and thankfully they sacked out early! Here are some pictures of our first few days. (They are out of order...later ones in the front and earlier ones at the end.)
These two are wild and crazy!

Pepaw reading Brown bear, brown bear

They are ready for a fun ride! All they did was giggle the whole way to the beach/pool .

A view of the house (downstairs area)

Jack likes his bed!!

Let me in...

Mimi and GA hanging out on the swing on the front porch of the house.

We're Here!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beach to Bay 2010!

This year for Beach to Bay we had a neighborhood team with our friends! We had the best time, even due to the horrible rain, lightning and thunder that some of us had to run through. The festivities began with a spaghetti dinner on Friday night with 10 adults and 6 kiddos under the age of 3! Needless, to say there were some wild kiddos including a certain Sebring little girl! We ate lots of spaghetti, talked a little strategy and laughed a lot! Then, on Saturday morning, Russ and I woke up to pouring rain and thunder. But we knew this was a rain or shine event (there were 14,000 people running) and we packed up and headed out. Due to the weather, traffic was really bad and I way miscalculated the drop-off times. Russ did the third leg (4.36miles) and I was doing the fourth leg (4.69miles). I dropped him off and parked (not such a good idea) and had a terrible time getting to the hand-off and I was 30 minutes late. Russ ran faster than I thought he would! Poor guy had to stand in the pouring rain, after he had been running for 48 minutes! So when I finally got there, I had no time to stretch, so I just grabbed the baton and took off! Thank goodness for another friends' hat to keep the rain off my face. But with a little praise music, some MJ and a little Lady Gaga I made it to the next hand-off in 55 minutes. Then I had to walk another 2 miles in the rain until Russ found me to pick me up. It was a busy morning, but definitely memorable. The sun finally came out around noon and we headed to Cole Park to have our free pizza and beer. Poor Russ, they ran out of beer by the time we went through the line. I told him next year we had to run faster to get to the good stuff! Well, enjoy the pictures. I will post some more of GA soon. Here Pop-pop took some cute ones last time he came to visit!

Half of the team: me, Russ and Mike
view of cole park

These signs bring back memories of making signs in college for ADPi events and highschool football games.

The favors: our endorsed water from our sponsors!

The partyposter of the legs everyone was running with our nicknames
Lindsey and I with a little hand-off practice
(Her husband, Mike ran with us.)

The spaghetti girls!
To my friends Janai, Jill and Aleisha ( all expecting girls):
Look what awaits you! Silly and fun little girls with big pink bows!!!

And do you see what too much spaghetti will do to you?

GA and her friend, Brooke sharing giggles

The Runners: we look fierce!