Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More recent pictures!

I know that you all think she's perfect, but every once and awhile she has to go to timeout.... and as you can tell she is not a fan! She does look pretty pitiful though!
GA and Cam love playing in the kitchen!
Yay...this is SO much fun!

My sweet red headed lady!
We went to Rockport to eat at Charlotte Plummers and we introduced her to tarter sauce, which she LOVED!!

Beach Pictures!

These pics are from a few weekends ago when my parents, Enjoli and Camden came to visit! We took the kiddos to the beach for a photo op together in their matching Easter outfits. It was EXTREMELY chilly and we literally ran out to the beach for 10 minutes and snapped as many pics as we could! It was too funny seeing them run around as we chased after them trying to get them to laugh. However, we did not want them near the freezing water so you will notice that most of the pics are in the sand. Enjoy!