Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just blogging...

tummy time
love this face

Who has two thumbs and loves to be a princess?
This girl!

GA and I at the movies for her first movie!
(We saw Winnie the Pooh! It was super cute!)

I love how blogs can be your own personal family journal and often I forget to just sit down and write about the kids...what they are doing at this stage in their life. I know that someday I am really going to enjoy reading about them and remind myself just how special this part of our lives was way back when or as Russ and I refer to.."the good 'ole days!"

To my sweet boy Henry!-

You are almost 5 months old and growing up way too fast for your mama to keep up with your baby book! Whew...just yesterday you rolled over from front to back and gave your daddy the biggest smile! You really made his day...especially because he got to see something you did first!

You are probably over 16 pounds now and the cutest little chunk! I love looking at those sturdy legs and wonder what sport you might play. By the way you are loving standing up in mine and Daddy's laps, too. You give us the best smiles and big laughs when the tickle bug comes out and you really love watching your sister! You give her the biggest smiles.

Right now you love to play with the hanging toys on your play mat, being held, sitting in the bumbo, chewing on soft toys and your paci! You are not so into the Playful Puppies bouncy seat:( and you don't like to be ignored too much! Sorry, buddy, your sister commands a pretty big audience at times!

We have given you several nicknames: Brother, buddy, brother bear, and mister-mister. GA loves to introduce you to anyone who asks about you...she is very proud of you!

Mr. Henry Wade your mama and daddy and big sister love you oh so much and JUST couldn't imagine our lives without you!

To my super Grace Ann!

I can't believe we are about to celebrate your 3rd birthday! You are such a big girl and a great big sister! Everyday your daddy and I ask each other to "tell me something that Grace Ann did today that was cute?" And we just love to listen to you talk. You have such a creative imagination and come up with some interesting conversations. You love animals, princesses, and exploring! You have become a little ballerina that loves to wear "ballerinas" (code for ballet shoes) and give me and your daddy daily recitals. We love to watch you perform!

I love how you have made helpful choices and how beautiful your heart is! You care about others and want to make sure that you mommy and daddy's heart happy!

You do huff and puff and blow the house down when the world doesn't go your way, but you always try to make it better with your smile and when you say," your heart not sad anymore, right, mommy?" I think to myself that tantrum wasn't that bad!

You are playing more and more with mr. Oscar dog and often scold him, like me, for barking too loud! He does love to scare cats!

These days you are enjoying playing with friends and anyone you meet on the playground. You are definitely a friendly little thing and always has a smile on your face and I love, love, love how even small things are super exciting to you!

Grace Ann, you are teaching me to be a better mommy and to remember to stop and smell the roses and not to worry so much about things that really don't matter. I love you baby girl and I am so proud of you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Antonio Zoo

We went to the SA Zoo the first weekend of July and took GA, Henry and Oceana! It was a good time being together, however, it was really HOT and crowded! It was super crowded because we picked the BUSIEST weekend to go...4th of July weekend! Lesson learned folks, not again will the Sebring's venture to any park, zoo, or family aimed establishment on such a busy weekend, let alone in the summer time! Wait a minute, we are going to Sea World this weekend! Well, certainly after this weekend we will learn our lesson!

With joking aside, Russ and I enjoyed spending time with Oceana and seeing her interact with Grace Ann. She has really grown up and is such a sweet, sweet girl! We love having her visit us in the summer!

Looking at the lions....who were laying down on the job!
What!? No roaring...come on!

Check out the "Mingos"

Mister, mister was a hot boy! He was so good despite the sweltering heat!

Looking at the sleeping kangaroos!

Relaxing at the end of the tour! We were wiped out from the heat and crowds!

Monday, July 11, 2011

How did I get this lucky?

The other night I was in the bathroom washing my face when Russ shouts from GA's room to come see....this is what I found...a sweet moment of my family at bedtime. I started to laugh and say " did you get so lucky?" Russell always comes back with a simple answer, "I just did." Sometimes when doing the most mundane things in my life, God shouts to me "to come see" and He shows me exactly how blessed I am. These three people in my life are everything to me and I can't believe how lucky I am! Happy Monday everyone... I feel like my week has started on a pretty high note!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Boy! Henry is 4 months old today!

Henry came into our lives just four months ago, but it seems like he has been with us a lifetime! He is truly a joy to be around with a smile that makes his momma melt (see below picture)! At this stage in Henry's sweet life he is busy discovering the world around him. He learned how to grab his feet on July 2nd and his first little laugh came on June 21st!

He also loves to:

  • listen to stories
  • be held by mommy and daddy
  • watch big sister
  • be sung to and bounced on laps
  • his paci and blankie bear and dino
  • ride in stroller
His bedtime routine:
  • get on pajamas around 8:30p
  • eat/reflux medicine
  • prayers and songs
  • go down around 9p and sleeps until 7:30-8:00am
At 4 months he takes 3 naps, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the early evening. The early evening nap is a short one..maybe about 20-30min.

He is also a growing boy at 14lbs. 13 oz. and 23.5 inches long!

Tonight is his first night in his crib! What a big boy!

Uh-oh he slid down the pillow...check out that hiney!

Trying to grab those feet!

My mom takes so many pictures!

I can't believe summer is flying by...

love this picture of her...
my sweet grace ann
Me and Oceana
Henry loved all his admirers!

here is GA all smiles to our friends!
Me and my sweet friend, Jody

Can't remember if I posted this before, but I just love this pic of Henry!
Happy Father's Day to such a wonderful husband and daddy!
GA and Henry love you oh so much and you are AWESOME!
Here are me, Brittany, and Jessica with all the kiddos!
Aren't we cute in a bouncy house?
Such a sweet sister! GA has been practicing holding her thinks she needs a little more practice!
Hey sweet boy! I love you!