Saturday, May 16, 2015

Coming home to party of 6!

 Right after Emme came home, Grace Ann's school celebrated "Fiesta" with all kinds of treats, pinatas and extra playtime! I sneaked away for a quick peek!

 Henry is so taken with his new sister, he calls her "so sweet" and will be so gentle with her!

 And with GA almost 7, she has become a great mother's helper! I am super lucky to have her extra hands!

 Blowing kisses...and playing peek a boo!

 First bath given by Daddy!

 Ready for church!

 Aunt Enjoli and Uncle Mick

 And this fella has decided to make a break for it at naptime and night time from his crib...perfect timing! I get up with a newborn every three hours and with a completely irrational 2 year old every minute. So I made the decision to put him in a "big boy bed" and he has one decent night (partly due to the sheer exhaustion of not sleeping for three nights in a row and missing out on any nap times).  Sleep deprivation is no joke, especially with four little ones. 
 So proud of himself!
 And Henry needed some pictures of himself in his big boy bed!