Monday, September 2, 2013

And some random phone pics, too!

 August brought us lots of activity!
  • GA's birthday
  • Davis' Baptism
  • Stomach Flu with Henry and Davis
  • My dad had a terrible bike accident and thankfully is going to be just fine!
  • I got sick with mastitis...yuck!
  • Eye doctor appointments 
  • Our 10th anniversary!
  • School starting!

 One of my sick boys...

 Grace Ann during her interview at Pre-K

 Playing with her build a bear!

 First night in crib! Don't worry he just didn't like me not holding him!
 He really likes his crib!

Baptism Reception

 My kitchen help! Thanks Mom and Enjoli!
 My sweet friends with Davis!

 That boy just wouldn't give us a smile at the camera!

 Davis with his godparents, Mr. Tree and Ms. Suzanne
 Me and my other boy...

I feel terrible, but I didn't a picture of Meme and Pepaw or RUSS and GA!  I hate when I don't get all the pictures I want!  But, it was a great day!

Davis' Baptism!

Not only did we have Grace Ann's birthday party on August 10th, but the next day we had Davis baptized and had a little reception for him.  I did this because we had family in town and didn't want anyone to travel twice in one month.  He did so good and didn't cry a bit!  Davis is such a sweet baby!

 Fr. Paul came in from Ft. Worth baptize Davis! He has baptized all of the kids!

Grace Ann's 5th Birthday!

This year, Grace Ann wanted an Ariel themed birthday party and since August is such a hot month, we had a little pool party in the front yard with some friends.  She had a great time and loved that we had a pinata this year! Plus, brother Henry had a lot of fun, too! And thanks to grandparents, Davis enjoyed the AC of the house and didn't have to be outside, because folks it was hot, hot, hot! 

School starts for Henry and Grace Ann!

 Grace Ann is in Pre-K this year at the Methodist Day School!
(Her last year there, before Kindergarten!)

 GA with Ms. Trisha
 Henry started on Tuesday.
He is going two days a week for Mother's Day Out at Grace Ann's school.

Checking it all out from the carpet!  
(I need to get a picture with his teacher, too!)