Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toddler Time and Shoreline Strides 5K Walk

On Friday, GA and Russ came to my school for our monthly "Toddler Time" program. Russ was so sweet to take off from work to take her! Then, on Saturday we participated in our friends' Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk/Run on Shoreline. They raised over $10,000 for cancer research! We had a great time and GA stayed in stroller the entire time!
GA and Daddy Here are some serious competitors!

Me and GA

Russ said that GA was not very good at listening!

Going up to help!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We had to sneak a peek!

As most of you have read we were REEEEEALLY trying to wait until the big day to find out the gender! I would still not know if we didn't have this last sono. I was so strong, until Sunday night when I finally broke down and cried my eyes out to Russ about not being able to plan and get ready and how I felt that it was hard to connect with this pregnancy. Those feelings were definitely not something I had foreseen coming on. So being the best hubby, Russ says, "Babe, I just want you to be happy." More tears...and then more tears....and then excitement! Yay!
So my appointment was on Tuesday @ 1pm and Russ was in Laredo, so I asked the sonogram technician to write down in a card for us the sex that we would open later when he got home. Those 5 hours were way too long and I was SO excited to find out! As you can see I took pictures of Russ opening the card, because I was too ansy to do it. GA was dancing around on the kitchen floor and did not stay still long enough for her picture to be taken.
Russ, GA and I are thrilled to be bringing home our little Henry Wade Sebring in March! Enjoy the snap shots of our big moment!

2nd Annual Sebring Halloween Bash!

Well, we held our 2nd annual Halloween Bash again! I was terrible at taking pictures and I didn't get all the shots I wanted. Russ and I went as the Situation and Snooki! I know....such a shame not getting to see me as a pregnant Snooki looking more like a version of Peg from Married with Children! But I did get an unforgettable shot of my man, the SITUATION!

Halloween 2010

I finally got around to posting our Halloween pictures! GA was a ballerina this year and boy did she have a ball in the tutu and ballet slippers! Her Grannie made the head piece and Meme bought the tutu and leotard! Then we completed the outfit with pantyhose and slippers. I loved seeing her dance around and act super girly! I can't WAIT for real ballet lessons and recitals!!!! Here are some pictures from trick or treating on Sunday afternoon and trunk or treat at a friend's church.

Taking a bow for our wonderful neighbor, Miss Carol!

Doing the cake walk....darn, no cake for us! Didn't they see I was in need of a cake?

With Daddy walking to get some candy!

Playing one of the games, nice shot of her headpiece!

Inspecting her lollipop...her new passion.

Checking out her candy...note this is her first time with large (or any) amounts of candy