Sunday, September 20, 2009

You Go Girl 5K Fun Run

Well, I laced up my running shoes and headed out to the "You Go Girl" 5K with my mommy group! Let me just tell you it was pretty dang hard! I haven't ran very much this summer and I was definitely feeling it around mile 1.5! But thankfully I had my MJ on the IPod and when Thriller came on I did feel a little pep in my step. I had two goals: one to not walk and two to finish. So after 35 min. and 46 seconds....yep that's right (11:30 minute miles) I finished.

Here is a little snapshot of the group! We look pretty peppy for having to up SUPER early when we would rather sleep in........

Some of the girls did the 2mile walk and these girls did some fast walking! They placed first and fourth! Way to go Nicole and Sara!

GA and Russ came and showed their support by getting up early and shuttling me over to the race. What a great hubby! And GA was a trooper, too! Until the next race and I am definitely going to get back to better running regime!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hanging out with AG's family!

During our relaxing Labor Day weekend, we went over to our friend's house who happen to have a sweet little girl that is 3 weeks younger than GA and her name happens to be Anna Grace or cutely known as AG. So my friend Tara and I thought these girls should be friends and we organized a fun get together for GA and AG and their folks! They played in the pool and had some fun pink visitors come over! (After the flamingos landed in our yard from the G-P Volleyball team -thanks Aleisha and Jonathon, we sent them over to Tara and Tree's house).
Thanks you guys for a fun adult and wild kiddo night! We had a blast!

What cute little girls!
"I think they went that way!"

GA thought this pool was way fun!

It's been awhile...

Whew....where has the time gone? I can't believe I have not updated in over a month! We have had many changes in the Sebring household. I have gone back to work as a long time substitute in a kindergarten classroom and have been busy ever since. Grace Ann has started going to a wonderful lady's house with four other teacher's children and she absolutely loves it! I was the one who was definitely broken hearted over the whole ordeal. But thankfully I have such supportive friends who listened to my worries and helped me to see that we would be okay. And I have to say going back to work wasn't that scary! Within the week, we were both well adjusted to our new schedule. Although I do miss hanging out in my pj's and workout clothes during the day!
So here are some pictures of GA on her actual birthday at Grandma Sebring's house before Jack and his family left for Frisco! Thanks Marcie and Keith for coming to our sweet girl's 1st birthday party!

Here is Jack showing GA the ropes on how to operate her new stroller! Watch out Stroller Strides GA has some wheels!
Hey guys!

Doll baby is always by this girl's side!

What a cute birthday girl!