Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Emme's hospital portraits

Emme is Here!

 The night before we were to be induced, Russ and I stayed at a hotel near the hospital. It worked out so good because we both got some sleep and we didn't have to disturb the kids when we left early that morning. Plus they were surrounded by their grandparents, which was a big bonus for them!
 Before we left to go!
Here I am: 39 weeks 1 day
The last Sebring baby belly!
 Ready to meet our girl!
(My mom made me this cute hospital gown!)
 Our little girl is here!
Miss Elizabeth "Emme" McKinley Sebring
April 21, 2015
12:49 pm
8lbs. 4 oz.
20.25 inches long

Orginally, we were going to call her Elizabeth, but while we were in labor, Russ and I were thinking of some nicknames and he thought of Emme because of the E and M initials. And then she came out looking just like Russell's mom and we call her "Meme" so we thought "Emme" would be the perfect name!
And should Russ and I mention that it took us having four kids to finally have one with brown hair!

 Our doctor was called into an emergency c-section at the last minute, so Dr. Kistler stepped in and she was amazing! So grateful that we were in good hands.

 Grace Ann was so excited to come to the hospital because she was REALLY excited about her new sister!
The boys stayed home because we didn't want them to jump all over me and we thought Henry might get scared seeing me with all the IVs.  Plus the room was super tiny!

 Sweet Emily came all the way from Austin to see Emme!

 Ready to go home!
With every one of our kids, Russ has had the first car seat ride duty! He's a pro and for some reason I am always so afraid to buckle them in that first time.  Such a sweet daddy!
I have to brag on him for a minute...he was just taken with this little girl from the get-go. Not that he wasn't with the boys, but with Russell's girls he is just a big sweetheart to them.  He and GA have a sweet relationship and now he is just beginning his with Emme!  I am so happy that I get to watch these two relationships grow!

More pictures to come! We took more with our phones!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

This year we were with Meme and Pepaw, while Russ was out on a rig.  We were sad to be without him, but had a great time with grandparents and visiting a place we love! 

 Grace Ann looks super thrilled!

 Trying so hard to get a nice group shot...I think Henry and I were the only ones who cooperated!
 Emptying out the eggs and taste testing the candy!

Fun times with Meme and Pepaw!

 Looking for boats at Doc's and doing some dancing while waiting for a table!

 Seeing Uncle Buddy's new statue at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Port A
(It's Joseph holding baby Jesus)

 Exploring the prayer garden
(Henry was asleep in the car!)

 Playing on the deck!

 Trying to get away from the pirates! Thank goodness for Super Hero's Grace Ann and Henry to save Davis from the bad guys!