Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend in Cleveland

Last weekend, GA and I drove to Cleveland to visit my folks. Thank goodness to a portable DVD player and Nemo, we made it to Cleveland without a hitch! We also got to stop and see GA's friend, Allie, who is 5 months old and just adorable! Grace Ann kept saying to me, "hold it" as if I were going to let her, a mere 23 months, hold this baby all by herself. She was also drooling over this baby like a piece of chocolate candy! It was too funny. But here are some pictures of my mom and GA that Rick took while they were out in the backyard swimming. I was at church, enjoying some peace and quiet and not having to worry that as soon as the homily began I would have to get up to go to the cryroom. However, today at church was a funny story....GA discovered the statue of Jesus and was mesmerized! She would look at me and point-"Jesus!" And to top it off everytime the choir music would become louder and get dramatic (to emphasize special parts in the mass) she would say and I quote, " Whoa...Jesus is coming!" And people this is the televised service! Everyone around us died laughing, but GA was some kind of serious! That is just too precious not to share. Enjoy the pictures and I hope all my teacher friends are enjoying there last days of the summer as August will be here too soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July weekend with Oceana!

We spent our Fourth of July weekend jammed packed with FUN! We began with swimming, taking the girls to Toy Story 3 (GA's first movie experience...she lasted one hour! Then Russ had to come pick her up!) and then to the Circus-Zing, Zang, Zoom! Russ had never been to the circus and I must say he was impressed! We were not impressed however with the $9 terrible sno-cone and the $12 cotton candy! But we had a lot of fun! Then on the 4th we attempted the beach, but like I said before, the seaweed was so gross and the smell was even worse. So we headed to the pool and then dinner at Snoopy's! We saw fireworks at the Aquarium with some of our friends and ate some yummy brownies. Sadly, Oceana left today after another visit to the Aquarium to see the dolphin show and the "fishies." We will miss her and can't wait for another visit! Enjoy our weekend through the pictures!

Russ took the dolphin pictures and he did such a great job. There were several, but I thought I posted enough!

New pictures!

Eating at Doc's

Having fun in the backyard with the sprinkler Russ made for GA.

At the Water Pad downtown CC

Practicing some potty-training

Storytime with Pepop

At the Hook's Game!

After our vacation, we have kept a pretty steady pace of events. Russ, Grace Ann and I have enjoyed having company over the last few weeks. My dad came for Father's Day, then I went to my girls' weekend in Port A and just this weekend, Oceana came for a visit! I feel bad that our beaches have been overwhelmed with gross smelling seaweed! Yuck! So we have been going to the pool most days and I have been admiring the water from afar. So here are come pictures from the last few weeks.