Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have been feeling like this...

  • tired
  • nauseous
  • sensitive to smells
  • really tired
  • super hormonal
Can you guess what might be happening to the Sebring house in March?   

 We are excited to announce that Baby Sebring #3 is on the way!

Due Date: March 13, 2013

Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally, pictures of the 1st day!

 New teacher, Ms. Amy

These pictures were taken when Henry and I went to pick GA up at 2:00.  She wasn't wearing the same clothes I dropped her off in and Henry was in an exploring mood!  But, hey this is what I've got and I am going to go with it!

I ended up having to take her to the doctor because bless her heart she has a UTI and had 5 accidents today.  What a way to start the year!  She has been a trooper though, because she was happy when I picked her up and very agreeable at the dr.'s office, now Henry was my monkey today! I am so ready for his back molars to cut through bc the tooth pain has made him so grumpy!

I still can't believe that she will be going to real school sooner than later, so I am going to enjoy this year with her!  

Grace Ann's Four Year Old Check up

So, I have absolutely no pictures from the big event that involved those dreaded four year old shots, but I just wanted to jot down what happened for our blog book! 

GA did great, she wasn't shy when answering her questions and I was very impressed that she was able to remember our address!  She knew the shots were coming and I told her that it's okay to cry if it hurts.  But as traumatic as I thought it would be, she barely even whimpered. (I was so prepared for a straight jacket moment!) She just said very loudly, "Ouch, ouch, ouch! I do not like these shots!"  I don't blame you sweet girl!  I hate shots, too!

Her stats for the appointment were:

Weight- 38lbs. (72%) ( she was 33.5 for her 3 year well visit)
Height- 41.5inches (85%) ( she was 38.5inches last year)
Vision/Hearing: 20/30 vision (music to my ears) and within normal limits on hearing

As of now we have a very tall girl!

It was too funny when we left, that GA hollered out to the nurse, "Thank you Ms. Tillie for my shots!"  Now I had given her a lollipop so she was doing pretty good by that point!  

This morning I dropped GA off for her first day of preschool and I did take the cutest pictures, but for some reason they are all deleted off my camera when I went to post them ( my investigation has concurred that a little sneaky brother had his little fingers all over the camera when I went out of the room)!  I guess Henry had his own agenda for my blogging this morning!  I am going to try for picture taking part 2 this afternoon! It's still the same day so technically it counts! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grace Ann turns 4!

 Enjoying her cupcake by the pool!
 Eating some pizza with Anna Grace and Jack
 Mr. Henry having fun with a balloon.
At our house, singing happy birthday!
Mr. Stringbean...again with that balloon!

I can't believe my sweet girl turned 4! And that I am now the mother of a 4 year old! Wow, I just don't know how that happens!  To celebrate we had a party at the community pool with her friends and then our family for some pizza later that night!  She had a great time because she really understood what a birthday party means!  She loved every minute of it!  And it was fun to watch her excitement! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

4th of July with my parents

 Just wanted to show off my new summer necklace...which I wear EVERYWHERE!
 Playing with pinwheels!
 Eating some yummy cobbler/ was so delicious!
 Playing in the pool!

 this is Henry's old man face...priceless!
 Funny girl!
 Playing at the splash pad!

 Ready for church! So handsome!
 She insisted on wearing my necklace to church!
Playing beauty shop with Grannie!

While Russ had to work, we headed to my parents for the 4th and had the best time! The kids swam in the backyard with the pools that Rick set up and we just relaxed!  We ate good food, went to the Woodlands and caught up with Jessica and Jackson, and had a Fourth of July party!  As you can see in the pictures, we were busy!

The Hams come in for a visit!

At the end of June, Justin and Jill with their sweet kiddos (Carson and Emery) came down for a visit! We all enjoyed trips to the beach, a dolphin ride complete with swarthy pirates and a trip to the Aquarium! All the kids had a fun time playing together and the grown-ups even had a civilized meal prepared for them by Chef Fred!  Thank you guys for coming down for a visit!

Off to visit Emily, while my parents watched the kids!

 Always a princess...
 Eating some crushed ice to help with new teeth!
 Deep in thought with toys!
 Yep, he already loves the ipad!
 How sweet! I wonder how much brother actually loved this embrace!
 Getting back from my trip and finding a watermelon party!
 Watermelon fun!

Well, after much thought, I decided to head up to Austin to visit my dear friend, Emily!  We had the best time eating, hanging out, drinking wine, and running on Town Lake (we did get lost)! My parents were so nice to come and watch the kids for me (Russ was out of town working).  From the pictures, they had a great time and I had a great rest!  Thank you Mom and Rick!

Grace Ann goes to swimming lessons!

So as you can tell, I have been super lazy with our blog and I am going to start from the beginning of June to catch-up! 

Grace Ann started swimming lessons the first week of June and we continued for the next four weeks. Although, she is still not completely independent in the water, the lessons really boosted her confidence!  She loved going underwater and swimming on her back! 

These pics are from the first day and of course, I have none from when she was actually in the pool.