Saturday, April 17, 2010

Relay for Life and visit with Grann and Pop-pop

This weekend, GA and I traveled to Cleveland to celebrate Relay for Life with my mom and Rick. We had the best time and GA wore herself out telling everyone hello and waving! She was a handful but we just laughed at how she would go up to anyone and say hi! So here are some pics from this weekend:

Here she is waiting for us to leave.

About to go down the slide.

Do you see any pirates ahead?
Mom, me, Ga and Rick
Both of my folks are cancer survivors!!!!

GA loved watching the team that dressed up like clowns.

She ran at least a half mile and boy did she hit the hay that night!

She was a little Relay for Life mascot!

How cute are they?!

GA really has taken to coloring! She was showing her Grann how it's done.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter pictures and more...

Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend and this past week.
It's getting harder to take her picture with a frontal pose and with a smile at the same time. She is all over the place!!
I thought this pic turned out cool.
Me and Russ

Our attempt of a family picture!

Easter Egg Hunting with AG

GA loves play-doh!

A sweet father/daughter Easter pic.

She loves to be picked up by Russell "elevator style."

Digging into the easter basket and goodies...

GA's Easter basket and new back-pack!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Where in the world are the Sebrings?

First of all, I have been a total blog slacker! I have very few pictures from March and we did so many things! I feel terrible!

Spring started full swing with us and we have been hitting the pavement non-stop. GA and I went to Dallas at the beginning of our spring break for Cousin Jack's 3rd birthday. Not only did GA enjoy the cupcakes but boy oh boy did she discover these wonderful things known as "steps" or "stairs" to be exact. Jack had his party at "My Gym" in Frisco and this place had all kinds of gymnastics and play equipment. So like I said GA went straight for the stairs and for a whole hour I held her hands as she went up the stairs and down the stairs, up the stairs and down the stairs....I think you get the idea. It was WAAAAAAAAAY fun! But really who knew that stairs were a phase/fascination? I was talking to a friend of mine and she said her daughter went through the "stairs" phase, too.

So then we traveled to the great Mississippi to visit my family in Columbia/Hattiesburg! Enjoli, Camden, GA, myself, Mom and Rick loaded up for a road trip east! We had a great time going to the Hattiesburg Zoo and eating lots of good food! I love that southern fried catfish and caramel cake! I have to say that my brother, Buck, was such a trooper for me and Enjoli. We had no mode of transportation, since we were staying with my dad and he let me drive his new car and we put in two huge carseats. (He just turned 16!) What a way to spend your spring break, catering to your big sis and sister in law and letting me boss him around. Thanks Buck, you are the best little brother!!!!!!

Okay....more about my sweet Grace Ann! She is so much fun to play with! We are super busy at this house because we have become avid fans of Little People, Barney and Elmo and we have to keep up with Murray and the Word on the Street!!! (MOMs of Toddlers you know exactly what that is!) She is talking so much and taking any opportunity to tell me and Russ-"No, no Mommy or No, no Dad-de!" Oh brother and the funny part is she wags that finger as she is saying it! What a priss!

Our newest venture is the "Potty!" She has been going to the potty at her sitters and so we are slowly transitioning to being fully-potty trained. I haven't had time to read much about the subject, but I plan to be more aggressive once summer begins. I am very surprised she knows what it is all about and she loves to flush and say "Bye-bye, tee-tee." So who knows it could be a struggle or a breeze.....I'll let you know.

Well, that's it for now! We had a great, relaxing and peaceful Easter with just the three of us. GA loves the plastic eggs, even with no candy! SCORE!

I will post pics soon, I plan on taking some post-Easter dress pics this weekend!