Friday, August 23, 2013

Phone pics July!

July came and went in this family...we continue to have every weekend planned with something to do and we are running ourselves ragged every time Monday comes around.  Poor Russ has been a good sport with his bossy wife telling him where to go and what to do...let's just say he is a very patient man.  But a lot happened in July...

  • Marcie, Keith, and their kiddos came to visit on the 4th
  • GA had her first solo trip with Grannie and PopPop
  • GA went to Sea Camp at the Aquarium
  • Henry went to the dentist
  • Davis turned 4 months and began rice cereal
  • Celebrated my birthday with friends in Port A and my family on the Island
  • Bought a mini-van
  • Russ went fishing a few times and caught some delicious fish we cooked
  • Went to the beach in Port A with the Bakers
 1st day of Sea Camp
 I took Henry (with Davis in tow) on a "boys only" tour of the Aquarium...he loved it!

 Picking her up one day...
 Snack time
 Play time
 a little blurry ( must have been that fog machine) with my bestie, Emily!
 Another bestie, Darcie
 Pretending I am not a mini-van driving mom...
 On my birthday, GA and I had a mommy lunch together
 The new ride
 my sweet guy
 Her 1st 100 piece puzzle!
 Awww...the mini-van works on making kids sleep
 My bribery for a peace-ful grocery store run...donut holes!
 Rice Cereal time!
 His "airplane"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th of July

My funny girl!

Today at church, Grace Ann was the funniest thing.... first she wore a princess crown (that she had gotten as a birthday party favor) with her outfit and when I said, "Baby Girl, look you are Jesus' princess!" And she replied, "No I'm not...I am a lamb princess, because Jesus is my shepherd and we are his little lambs."  Then she preceded to walk from our car into church holding her dress out with both hands as if she wore royalty.  And she also did this when she went into the back for the children's liturgy during mass. 

Of course, my child is no stranger to having to sit in big church for what seems like an eternity and she would prefer that just would not be the case.  So, then when everyone in church was solemn in prayer, she proclaims, "I don't like being at church."  For shame......I wanted to hide, but I knew why she said it....what 4 year old wants to be quiet and still?!

But the best part of church today happened when I had to take both boys to the back of church, because Henry had hit his threshold and Davis just needed to be held,, so back we went with all the ushers.  Grace Ann on the other hand did not want to be left out, so she would just walk all the way to the back of church (and I know for certain without her father's permission) and give me her best sad face and ask if she could hang out, too.  No way, because then she and Henry would start a fun game of giggles and chase and I was not going to play referee with Davis in my arms.  So, I would just send her back to "boring old Daddy."  
This went on for about 10 minutes when she finally decided to mind.  

Then, when we were all walking back to the car...she busts out with, "I am going to pray for mommy to let me sit with her, because I love my mommy."  WHAT???!!!  (Still can't believe she said that after the 16 tantrums she threw this week!)

This girl can make me absolutely lose my mind with her stubborn, strong-willed naughtiness, but thank the good Lord for the sweetness and pure joy she brings me because it gets me through the hard times of being a parent.  AMEN!