Monday, June 4, 2012

Pictures from Rick

 These are pictures that Rick took of the kids, when my parents came to visit in May.  We all went to GA's "Wild about MDS" program, enjoyed some backyard fun and best of all, Russ and I got a night out on the town, courtesy of my parents!  Free babysitting is the best present of all!  As you will see, my kids love the water and I know that this summer we will be swimming like fish! 

What?! A picture with JUST the two of us!  How 2007 of us!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

GA's last day of school!

 these are the teacher gifts I made...GA and I painted the pots and it was such a fun project for us!
Oh my goodness, the comparison is too much!  How do our little ones grow up so fast!  I have seen a lot of my favorite blogs do the comparison pics and thought I would do it , too!  But it does make it bittersweet! I am so proud of all her progress this year with Ms. Melissa! She had the best teacher and I know Grace Ann will miss her dearly! 

MDS Program, DQ and Memorial Day

 Can you tell that I am absolutely fabulous with the camera! I managed to get someone else in the two pictures I snapped from the program! Look out for pictures that Rick took in a later post, bc those are so much better!  GA is the in the pink sweater!

 A little treat after the program...this has become a little tradition...we love ice cream in our family!
 A little boat ride we took with the kids on Memorial Day! Earl likes to sport his pirate hat anytime he is with his grandkids!  And GA loves it! Notice the look of discomfort on Henry's face, he did not like the boat ride very much!  ARRGH!

Playing Catch-Up!

 I have so many pictures from May to post!  But I will start with Grace Ann's first semi-pedicure!  I didn't think she could handle the full deal, so I settled on both of us getting a polish change. She sat so still, I was truly impressed that she had it in her. (note to self: she does have self-control!)  That was definitely a mommy and daughter moment for the books! Having a little girl, who is super girly, is too much fun and I want to make sure I enjoy these moments! 

 As you can tell, brother was a trooper, too!  Thank goodness for the stroller! 
 What pretty toes!  She loved the flowers and would show them off to anyone who would listen!
Here's a pic from her classroom, where the kids were waiting to line up for their MDS program!