Friday, October 7, 2016

Grandmother Sebring's 90th birthday!

Last weekend, we traveled down to Corpus Christi to celebrate Russell's grandmother turning 90! What a special event to share with her! She has been such a sweet person in our lives and we are so thankful for her and the example she has been to us.

Grace Ann's early brithday party!

Right after school let out for the summer, we celebrated Grace Ann's birthday a few months early. We knew that when we moved it be around her birthday and that we would have to do a family celebration. And this girl has been talking about a Pump -it-Up party all year and how she had already invited ALL of her friends! This girl is a natural born party planner and so after some thought, we decided that would okay since she most likely wouldn't get to see these friends on her actual birthday! Plus, we wanted to have our cousins there before they moved, too!

Emme's 12 month old pics!

This girl turned into a wiggle worm overnight! No more happy, stay put baby, she is a toddler on the move!  I am writing about these milestones about 6 months past due, so my memory is lagging with the 12 month stats!  Ughhhhh..... sorry my fourth child!  Emme turned one on April 21st and we had a little party on Mother's Day. My parents got her the little purple chair and my mom made the cute birthday outfit.  She loves climbing in and out of the chair and being a big girl!

 Weight (from May 21st)- 19lbs. 25 %
Height- not sure! but she was in the 50th %

I think she will be a petite girl with a big smile and telling us all what to do!

Sleep- 12 hours at night, usually from 7:30p-7:30a
Takes a nap around 11:30-1:30 and then a little cat nap in the late afternoon.

Eating- bottles of whole milk and nurses in the morning, before nap and at night time
Plus, eating three meals a day....but not very big portions!

Almost a walker, but she did take her first steps about three weeks after her birthday. It did not take her long to get to be a full on walker. I think she was has been the quickest learner because the other kids did not begin walking until at least 13-14 months, which was fine with me!

We are so glad that you "surprised" us when we learned you would be a part of our family! Never knew we weren't complete until you came along. So grateful for your smile, kisses and love! Can't wait to see the places you will go!