Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recent belly shots and other photos!

I just wanted to share some pictures of what I look like and how silly I sometimes look when I teach kindergarten! We are having an end of the year celebration where the kids made crowns and capes....who knew that with a little construction paper we had one of the best afternoons we have had all year! Yes, I am wearing a beach towel as my cape and Sara those are the crowns from your bachelorette party!
Here I am at 27 weeks- BIG and BIGGER! And it isn't even the hottest part of the summer. Yikes!!!
Our goodies from my shower at school!
Some of GraceAnn's precious outfits!
Here I am on Mother's Day with my beautiful flowers from Russell and the dogs! He sent them to school and I was soooo surprised. What a sweet hubby!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

She has a name!

Well we are finally ready to share our little girl's name! It took a lot of convincing on my part to persuade Russ to let me share, but of course he can't resist giving in to his wonderful wife!

Picking a name has to be one of the hardest tasks when you find out you are expecting. You have to think of all the names you ever liked and throw them into one name! If I had my way she would have eight names not including her last name.

When Russ and I decided on this name we thought about all the possiblities of nicknames, funny rhymes with the name and of course how the initials come out. We also had some good advice from Marcie, Russell's sister, " Make sure you practice yelling the name so when you are in public and you have to get your child's attention it doesn't sound wrong." Her case in point: Marcie was in the mall one day and heard a mother yelling what she thought was "Medicine." Little did she know that the mother was yelling for her child "Madison," so it is important that the name be yellworthy! But since I know we won't have any trouble with our little girl there will be no yelling---(yeah right her parents are me and Russ!).

Okay without anymore side points the name we have chosen for our little girl is:

GraceAnn Tatum Sebring
This name was chosen for many different reasons. Being that I have very strong southern roots I love double names. I have a double name and many people I know share this with me. So I wanted to pass this on to my daughter. Also I love the name "Grace" because it reminds me of so many things: the Lord's grace he bestows on us, the grace anyone can have when coming out of doing something really clumsy, a nickname I was often called by my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Lambert, for being such a klutz and just the beauty of the name. We added the name "Ann" after my mom because she has been such an inspiration and role model in my life and I hope that my daughter can be like her someday and understand how awesome her "Granna" is. Then for her middle name, "Tatum" we used Russell's moms maiden name because she is such a wonderful mother and mother-in-law. She has always been such a support to me and to Russell and there is no way we could live without her. We are so lucky to have great mothers in our lives to give us great examples of how to be good parents.
We are so excited to welcome Miss GraceAnn in our lives this August and we love to share all the different stages of our pregnancy with the friends and family we love so much!