Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taking Pictures...

When we were in Midland in September, Mary and I took the kids out to the Children's Museum. I used this opportunity to put my camera to the test and I have to say that I am very pleased with the shots I got! However, you will notice that shooting the two of them is a whole new ballgame and it is pretty darn hard folks...kuddos to photographers!

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Girl!

Grace Ann Tatum Sebring- 3 years

Wow...that was super fast!

My, oh my, the time these days is literally shooting by me and Russ!
September was the biggest blur and I can't even tell you about August! Okay, I can jog the memory to talk about my sweet, sweet little girl's 3rd birthday and her milestones!

This little miss...

  • is a busy, busy, busy girl!
  • she had a princess/dragon slayers party this year with her precious friends attending!
  • she weighs 33lbs. and is 38 inches tall!
  • she is really into "Wonder Pets" "Olivia" and "Super Why!"
  • loves to play with her brother and she is his publicist as well, introducing him to any number of fans.
  • and at times is on paci patrol, where she will not stop at any cost until her brother has his paci ( a little forcefully) inserted into his mouth.
  • loves to riverdance (yes, we taught her this concept)!
  • loves to do jumping jacks, running in place and exercises like mommy.
  • her favorite toys are anything to do with dress-up, pretend play and puzzles.
  • loves to be outside when it isn't scorching.
  • she is super curious about nature and loves to learn about farming and animals!
  • she will eat all fruit and is eating green beans and carrots voluntarily and even requests them!
This girl is A-mazing and even though we have O-fficially hit those threes (whoa those are hard!), we couldn't ask for anything more. She makes us laugh hysterically, even when we see those rain clouds. She makes us realize that life can be just completely simple and not complicated. We can see the world through her beautiful eyes and enjoy it for the wonderful place that God has created for us and that is where you find true happiness!

So, GA, baby girl, and pumpkin seed you have made your Daddy and I so proud to be YOUR parents!

Happy Half-Birthday Henry!

Henry Wade- 6 months old!

Wow...that was fast!

Let's see what you have been up to...
  • You are a bundle of joy, literally!
  • A chunky monkey!
  • 90th percentile for height and 60th for weight (18lbs. 2 oz.)
  • You love your paci and demand it most of the day!
  • Cackle and I mean cackle at anything and everything your sister does!
  • Sleep pretty good at night with the exception of a few nights...teeth just might be on our horizon!
  • Do NOT like to be in a pack and play away from home...those are the fun nights for Mommy and Daddy!
  • Yep, you are still swaddled, just your legs, though.
  • Getting more used to hanging out in your "control center."
  • Love to sit in the bumbo and go through your basket of toys.
  • Surprisingly, you are still okay with the playmat and bouncy seat!
  • You started sitting up and just Monday, Oct. 3rd, you were only supported by the boppy!
  • At times, you can get your britches quite dirty! Ask your Pepaw one day, he will definitely tell you!
  • Mesmerized by the bright lights of "Wonder Pets" that your sister loves.
  • This month we started feeding you baby food two times a day and you are a great eater!
  • Most of all, we just love you and those contagious smiles!
Henry Wade, you are the sweetest little baby boy we could have ever asked for! I think your mama is going to spoil you rotten, just like your sister is! We love you brother bear!