Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday, Sunday...

 Watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
 Russ and his "beard" resting on the couch
 Fun and feasting with cousins!

My first ever apple pie! It tasted so good and was super easy to make!

Henry's Thanksgiving Feast

 Ms. Judy
 The kids waiting for the feast, he was so excited I was there!
 His placemat
 Ms. Jennifer
 Silly boys!

Mr. Davis

20 months old
25 # 12 oz.
Not sure on the height, but he is in the 90th %

Don't let that sweet smile fool you, this boy is a mess! Just kidding, he is pretty precious, just full of energy and getting into everything.  Presently, he loves to swiffer the floor, or should I say swing it around his head and hopefully he misses mine, Grace Ann's and Henry's heads.  

His favorite things right now are:
  • dump trucks, trains, and well, basically trucks
  • playing outside and going down his three step slide
  • playing pretend "trick or treat" with his plastic pumpkin
  • he likes to use sidewalk chalk to decorate our house and furniture, I enjoyed cleaning that mess up today
  • loves his brother and sister to pieces 
His accomplishments are:
  • being independent and wants to do most things himself
  • can use the spoon and fork by himself, but still messy
  • talks and talks, uses 2 and 3 word phrases
  • likes to say down, when he means up (mostly when he is on the stairs)
  • pretends to stand and go potty like his big brother and he gets so proud of himself, even when he is not going to the bathroom
  • can point to things and tell me what he sees or hears, especially the loud Air Force planes
  • can feed Oscar, supervised of course!
I have really enjoyed this stage with Davis because he is just into exploring his world and loves to just be included in what we are all doing.  Despite his will to "do" it his way, he really is pretty easy and most of the time happy.  These last two months he has gotten 4 new teeth, so that has been difficult for his sleeping and for his parents!  But I think it on the downward slope, so hoping sleep resumes to normal.  
I can't wait to see what this month and the holidays will bring us with Davis! I hope he likes Santa Claus this year!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Random October pictures!

 Henry started pre-school! He loves going and that makes us so happy!
 Yes, I am that parent that gives my 19 month old a bag of chips to eat on the way home from Subway!
But, oh how precious he looks, melts my heart!
 Our reveal cake! Russ and I already knew what we were having, I just made the cake for the kids and our family to celebrate! More on this later!
 One Sunday, after church and after a nap, cuddling on the couch with these three is the best!
Homework time!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some news....

That's right, we are having a fourth baby!  I will admit, at first, we were taken by surprise by the idea of having a big family. But Russ and I kept this to ourselves for a while to process this news and we are really excited for the new baby to join our already energetic crew!  It will be unpredictable, noisy and out of control, but we know it will be fun and there will never be a dull moment.  
(Thank goodness for the mini-van!)