Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Eve and more!

 Christmas Eve after church, trying for that super cute picture of these kiddos! 
Henry was mad at me for taking away a toy that he was playing with so I could get this picture, of course it completely backfired on me!

 Ahhh, he's happy again, because he got his toy back!
 Going to bed and ready for a visit from Santa!

 Christmas Morning and NEW TOYS!

 Race cars were a big hit with the boys!

 And Russ was super excited about the FITBIT that Santa brought him! Can't you tell from his very sincere smile!

 So excited about her new horses and stable!

 Christmas night with the McDaniel's

 After Christmas on the Island!
 The 30 year old tricycle was a bit of a problem when it came to sharing, can you tell that Davis hasn't learned the law of "my turn, your turn" yet?
 And of course I don't think Henry has perfected it either...these boys have a lot to learn!

 Happy again, but not for long!
 He really wants that tricycle...
 And then, Russ came and put it was just causing too much anguish!
 the Sebring ladies...

Weekend before Christmas with Grannie and Pop-Pop

 The back of Pop-Pop's pick up truck was a prime playground for these kiddos...they just jumped around and kept telling me "hi" and laughing at themselves.  Pure joy, I tell you!

 This girl loves her Pop-Pop!

 My little Swedish boy, that fair complexion...I see lots of sunblock in our future!

 Going to see the lights at the Christmas Ranch and they did not disappoint. The kids loved meeting Santa and his special elf!

They loved their presents!