Friday, July 31, 2009

Please pray!!!!

My friend's little girl needs your prayers! Sophie has been in the hospital since early July recuperating from her 2nd heart surgery and she isn't doing well! Please, please lift her and her family up in your prayers!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is Grace Ann's rendition of a hippopatumus in the wild while eating her doll-baby's hat!
And apparently those top teeth have cut through in the process!
Still has the hat in mouth while terrorizing Oscar..... she really is playing the part of wild hippo!
(Sidenote: Hippos are one of the most fierce animals in Africa!)
Notice our tribute to the The Office with GA's Dundler Mifflin onesie! She would make Dwight so proud!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Video of GA crawling and hugging doll baby!

Here is GA doing some crawling! She has been on the move since our return from Germany and I am really having to keep up with her! I heard when she starts walking it will get worse! Yikes...

This video was taken when we were in Montgomery and GA was giving hugs to her doll baby! I think it is just too cute!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our visit with Aunt Lindy in Montgomery, Alabama!

Grace Ann shows Aunt Lindy her favorite book- The Nose book by Dr. Seuss
The four of us by the Alabama River

I couldn't pass up posting this sweet moment of GA and her grann!

GA's first of many special moments with her Aunt Lindy!
(Oh and doll baby's, too.)
Visits to my Aunt Lindy's house are some of my most memorable childhood moments! She always knew how to make me feel so welcome and very spoiled! So when mom and I decided to take Grace Ann to Montgomery I was excited for her to understand what true southern hospitality is all about! Honey ham, sister scheburt cinnamon and sausage rolls, fresh fruit and homegrown tomatoes are just a few of my favorites that she has in stock for our visits! Every time I have been to Montgomery she has something new for us to see and do and this visit was no exception! But since I have had GA, I love to go to baby boutiques in any town I am in, so mom and I dragged Aunt Lindy to every cute place we could find and boy did they have some cute stuff! We bought GA some cute outfits, Auburn Tiger panties (Aunt Lindy's favorite team) and her precious birthday bib! Thank you for taking to us these wonderful places and to get some much-appreciated "shrimp and grits", Aunt Lindy!! Grace Ann had so much fun playing in your laundry basket, crawling all over the place and listening to you read her stories (her favorite)! We hope to come again next year and I hope Russ will be able to join us, too!

4th of July at the Aquarium

The set-up
GA looks so thrilled to be there and that her stroller is decorated!

GA and her sweet friends

The fam

This is a very belated post of us on the 4th of July, but better late than never! We all went out to the Texas State Aquarium family picnic where you can watch the fireworks that go off from the Lexington. Little did we know that it would be EXTREMELY windy! I felt like we were shouting at each other the entire time because we couldn't hear what the other one was saying. I guess the Lord was giving me a glimpse into the future when I will be staying in the nursing home yelling at all the other ladies! Despite all the yelling, wind-blown hair and sweat Russ, GA and I had a great time watching the fireworks and being thankful we live in the United States and all the wonderul privileges that we are given! God Bless the USA!