Monday, April 28, 2014

Boy time!

A look into our day when GA is at school!

Easter Pancake Breakfast and Egg Hunt

 Waiting so patiently to get those eggs!

Easter Egg Hunts at MDS

 Henry's class waiting to go!

 Enjoying the action!

My sweet girl!

Easter 2014

So blessed to have this family!
 And never a dull moment!

Trip to Fredericksburg...

We flew the coop! Russ and I got away a couple weeks ago for a few days by ourselves to Fredericksburg to go to a wedding.  Cousin Shannon and now cousin Blake made a little trip down the aisle and we got to enjoy the festivities, without kids! What fun we had not dealing with car seats, pack and plays, highchairs and  big tantrums from long car rides! It was AWESOME!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby boy's first haircut!

 Awaiting his fate...looking a little nervous!

He was a little monkey, but in the end we got him all shaped up!  I just wish I had a gotten a good AFTER picture...oh well, I did have two other climbing monkeys around me that were not in arms reach!