Monday, February 25, 2008

14 weeks!

What a beauty! Here I am starting my 14th week! I never thought I would want to chronicle my waist growing, but my friend did this and it was really cool! Russ and I went to the new doctor on Friday only to go home without meeting him due to the fact that my medical records were not sent over from my old doctor. Boy were we not happy!

We are all doing well. This weekend Russ and I set out on the task of finding a book on how to prepare your pets for the new baby. The book is on order so we will let you know what we find out!

I have been busy with my graduate classes this semester so I have not been as avid a pregnant person as I have wanted, but if my child happens to have an articulation disorder I will know what to do. Hopefully, that will not happen!
As Russell is yelling from the other room so we can watch our favorite Monday night show, How I Met Your Mother, I will sign off for now. Enjoy our pictures of our journey into parenthood! And it's okay if you want to laugh.......but just a little!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yes, WE are having a baby!

Well it finally happened! Russ and I have entered the realm of realizing that we are grown-ups and feel that we can handle the task of raising another human. Even though it seems, to Russell, that I still need practice giving the dogs enough water!

We had been praying for a baby to come into our lives for over a year and we found out right before Christmas. Talk about a wonderful Christmas present! We thank God everyday for bestowing this gift to us!
As of today I am 13 weeks, but I feel like it has definitely been longer. I am so excited about this new LIFE-CHANGING event but I do have some concerns:

1. As I look around my classroom I see character traits that I do NOT want my child to those of my teacher friends you know what this means!
2. The sleep thing or lack of it freaks me out! I operate best on a minimal of 10 hours a day.
3. When we bring the baby home---NOW WHAT?!
4. One word: CHILDBIRTH ( For those of you who are in the " I have given birth to a human club" I need your advice)
5. Lastly will my backside ever return to its original shape? Or do I have to do lunges til I am blue in the face.

All in all I am sure all these concerns will be addressed at some point in time by my friends and family! I am very blessed to have two wonderful sisters-in-law who will help me with anything I need! Marcie, Russell's sis, who just had our precious nephew Jack in March 2007 and Enjoli who is expecting our other nephew Camden in June!

We go to our doctor on Friday, so I will post some more news and hopefully a 1st trimester picture then!