Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Davis' one year well check and milestones!

Be still my heart...We went from this to
Wow, a year truly makes a difference!

        I took my new ONE-year-old to his well check the week after his birthday!  I had all the kids with me, since it was Spring Break for us!  They were active, but we made it through and Davis did great with his shots!

I was surprised on his stats, because I feel like he is so big, but the results said otherwise!
Weight: 21#14oz.  (33rd%)
Height: 31in. (80th%)

So he is long and lean, which our doctor was okay with...she said since he was moving all over the place, he was busy burning calories! I will say she is right, Davis is busy trying to keep up with Henry and Grace Ann!

  • Cruising along furniture.
  • Almost standing unsupported!
  • Pushing push/riding toys and walking with support.
  • Wiggling when being held!
  • Standing (supported) in the bath tub.
  • Babbling strings of syllables:  mama, dada, baba, a-da
  • Pointing and looking and babbling in explanation!
  • Laughing at ANYTHING Henry does...and trying to do ANYTHING Henry does!
  • Loves climbing all over his new slide and big boy chair! 

  • Starting the weaning process, so he is still nursing in the morning, night and maybe once during the day.  
  • Not very interested in whole milk, he usually drinks about 4 oz. in a day! And not all at once!  I hope he begins to like it sooner than later!
  • Eating table foods more each day, but still using pouches and some jars of vegetables. 

  • 2 naps: once at 10:30-10:45 to about noon or 12:30p and then a late afternoon one from 3:30-4:30 or 5:00pm. Not the traditional nap schedule, but it works well with the 2 o'clock pickup we do for GA and Henry!
  • Bedtime: between 7:30-8:30pm, the time change has really thrown us off our game!  We are trying so hard to get everyone down at a decent time! 

My baby baby is ONE!

 (they never smile when the picture is snapped, just always before and right after)

Happy Birthday Davis!  
I can't believe you are already ONE!
The time went by way too short and although I am so happy you are a big and healthy boy,
this mommy is still a little sad to see you grow so quickly!  
We celebrated Davis' birthday on his actual birthday, March 7th, with our family and close friends!  I wish I had done a better job taking more pictures, but I just got caught up visiting and serving food and enjoying the party!  
Since we just got back from Disney, we did a Mickey Mouse party for Davis and it turned out cute! I dressed the kids in their Mickey Mouse shirts and I wore my ears and the monogrammed shirt my mom had made for me!  
That day, my friend came over and helped decorate Davis' and Henry's birthday cakes and we had the best time! I think they turned out so cute! (I will post a picture of Henry's cake soon.)

Davis' birthday slide! Which Henry thought was his!

Henry's little friend, Marlee! They are exactly 2 months apart!