Monday, October 8, 2007

Texas/OU Pictures

Whoa..was it hot!!!

T-E-X-A-S Fight!

More Cowbell Anyone?

As most of you know I surprised Russell with Texas/OU tickets for his 30th birthday. We traveled this weekend to Dallas to partake in the annual Red River Shootout. I have to say that watching college football in the Cotton Bowl stadium is a lot of fun.

Since Russ and I did not attend a D-I school we felt left out with the football frenzy that my dad and brother parcipate in so.........we made the executive decision to become die-hard Texas Fans.

When we arrived at the Texas State Fair we made a beeline for Fletcher's Corny Dog stand where we enjoyed the famous state fair corny dog. We did not however try the fried Oreos, marshmellows or snickers that they had, but we have heard they are delicious.

Throughout the pre-game spirit, Russ and I had the task of learning the "Eyes of Texas" so we could act like we knew what we were doing. Nobody wants to be the "drugstore Texas fan" and we weren't about to let anyone know our alias ( Texas State Alumni). Between laughing at each other, trying to master the song and trying to act cool we finally nailed the words! I am proud to say that I was a pro for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters! Russell was even impressed that I managed to memorize words to a song.

As you know the Horns put up a great fight but in the end those darn Sooners went home with the victory. We loved watching the Longhorns in person and feeling the sweat on our faces, swollen hands from clapping and soar throats from yelling because it was a great day! It makes me smile when I remember how much fun Russ had on Saturday!

"I have a fever and the only prescription is.....more cowbell!"
(excerpt from SNL skit with Christopher Walkin and Will Ferrell)