Saturday, May 12, 2012

A little QT!

 Here is our sweet girl!  She and her daddy are sharing their favorite dessert: Ice Cream!  Flavor of choice: Blue Bell's The Great Divide!
The other night, she and Russ had some QT together and made some cool artwork and had a little dessert! Scroll down for the artwork!
 What a face!
 First, take some shaving cream and put in a shallow dish.
 Spread it evenly throughout the pan.
Then, take drops of food coloring and sprinkle all over.
Next, use a toothpick to mix together and swirl.
Last, take a piece of cardstock and place flat down onto the shaving cream mixture.
And have an amazing piece of abstract art!  Definitely gallery worthy to me!
(Pardon her face, I caught her mid-smile!)
I would totally recommend this because it is super easy and GA loved it!

Our sweet boy!

This sweet boy just makes me melt! This is a picture I took of him waking up from his nap the other day!  He is so funny about cameras or my ipad, when he sees me getting ready to take a pic or shoot a video he quints his eyes to get ready for the bright flash! 

Henry Wade has been super busy lately!  He started going to GA's babysitter two days a week, to give me a little break and to have some social time with other little guys! At first, he cried and cried when I left him (which made me feel so terrible), but now he does so much better and goes to find a fun toy! 

So, I completely got sidetracked after he turned a year and forgot to write down what he was doing that month, so I will document it now, even though he is 14 months!  Yikes, that old! So at 14 months he is/has:

  • been into everything! Dirty laundry, dead bugs, Oscar's water bowl, drawers and anything that he might deem interesting!  
  • weighs about 22 lbs., not sure the exact weight!
  • eats anything I set before him, bless his heart! 
  • sleeps on a pretty tight schedule: naps from 12-2 and lights out @ 7:45 or earlier! 
  • drinking milk from a sippy cup only! Yes! Finally!
  • drinks milk about 4-5 times a day, usually when I notice he is getting fussy!
  •  The boy loves to be cuddled and snuggled, which is fine by me!
  • loves repetitive text books: Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Busy Spider
  • sleeping with a sound machine, currently on ocean noises.
  • still crawling, but has taken a few steps by himself, until he realizes it and then plops back down!
  • will walk while pushing a walking toy.
  • screams at sister daily ( because of course she terrorizes him daily:)) 
  • says his own words- mama, all done, oscar, let's go, ba (ball), uh-oh, dada and other syllable variations
  • can also mimic some phrases and does the sign for "all done" while eating.
  • plays peek-a-boo with us when we say "Where's Henry?"
  • pretty easy going, unless GA takes his toy! 
We are excited to see what the summer brings for this boy and to see all the things he learns and discovers!