Friday, July 25, 2008

Another candidate for President?

Today I was in a nesting stage (ya know cleaning and scouring every surface I get a hold of) for about an hour and came across this picture of Russ that we took on our trip to Washington, D.C. in Dec. 2005. I thought how appropriate with all the presidential talk going on now to post this fun picture. Some of you guys on Russell's baseball team are probably doing a double take, but I did not photoshop him into this picture. When we went to D.C. my brother got us a tour of the West Wing and part of the tour was going into the famous press room and of course we all took turns standing behind the podium posing like high political officials. So enjoy, have a laugh and just think Russ is from Midland and as George W. would say, "A good 'ole boy!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pregnancy pictures and updates!!!!!

Pregnancy Pictures
by Jaymie Knostman
Well, I decided that I better capture these moments before Russ and I have a very busy and exciting life with a newborn.....
We took these pictures at a friend of mine's parents' house (did I do my possessive nouns correctly?) on my birthday last week. They live in Rockport on the water and have such an amazing backyard with a great fishing pier. Russ even got to fish! My friend's sister took our pictures and was so great to do this for us. Enjoy!!!
I love this picture of me and Russ! I would say this is my favorite of all the pictures we took!
A close-up of the belly!!!
A whimsical shot of us.
The sunset was so pretty I thought this picture looked better in color!
Both of the Sebring bellies!!!
Grace Ann- where are you?!
Doctor's Appointment Update
Today I am at 35 weeks and 1 day! Russ and I visited with Dr. Wilder about how Grace Ann is progressing and of course she is doing just fine! I have to admit that I do get a little worried every time we go to the doctor now because I have been hearing way too many scenarios from previous pregnant people. So I think that I need to take a chill pill ( I know so 90s) and relax. Back to the doctor's appointment......we start going every week now and when I get to 38 weeks he will do a pelvic exam and a sonogram to see how much she weighs and her measurements. I am praying for a healthy and petite little girl, but knowing how much Russ and I weighed that may not be possible. We both tipped the scales over 8 lbs. each. Oh a side note to the doctor's appointment, Russ decided to ask our doctor about the "man" who gave birth. I know too much Inside Edition with Debra Norvell! But we have found out that although he had a sex change operation, he IN FACT is still a woman because he still has the "parts" to operate as a reproductive female. Get it straight Debra, a true man did not give birth to a baby.
Anyway, I am almost finished with my last two classes!!! Yea....I could not be happier. My finals are on August 4th and then I am home free! Please say some prayers that I can stay focused on studying, because like all my fellow SWT alum, those last few days of taking summer classes can be grueling!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's getting HOT in here!

Whoa--did someone turn off the AC or what?! I can remember back in February when all the teachers were sharing their experiences in the teacher's lounge about pregnancy in the summer. They would say how hot they had been and how they had even installed a window AC unit because of the heat. Of course in February I just laughed it off and thought to myself, a normally cold person, that will never be me. Well, I am definitely eating my words or rather thoughts now. I am 32 weeks along and feeling like all I want to do is walk around in my birthday suit (sorry for the mental image of an 8 month pregnant woman) but apparently that is against the law and I am not pregnant in a nudist colony. Soooo I am out of luck.

Russ and I have been super busy this summer. Well, Russ has been super busy trying to get in as many fishing trips before the baby comes and I am busy with grad school and teaching summer school. Again I never realized how tired I would be in the last few months of my pregnancy. Little GraceAnn just takes the energy right out of me. As of right now I am doing my clinical observation hours (25 to be exact) and taking 6 hours to finish up my leveling courses for the Speech Path. Assistant program. When I finsih this lovely set of classes, I get the opportunity to apply for the "real" grad program to be a licensed Speech Path. Sounds fun, right? Well, despite the grueling hours of homework I am now experiencing, I am really excited about the actual job. Poor Russ, last night he asked, "So when do you think you will be totally finished with this?" My answer of 2011 kinda freaked him out a bit, but thank goodness he is so understanding about my continous education and truly supports my goals.

Well, that's what we have been up to in a nutshell. I hope everyone is staying cool this summer! I hope to post pictures soon, but homework onto past perfect and past progressive verb tenses!!! Yea for me!