Sunday, April 8, 2007

Baby Jack

We just got back from our first visit with our new nephew, Jack Tomlinson! He is the cutest thing! He was born on March 14th. For all of you who wondering who the baby belongs to--he is Russell's sister and brother-in-law's baby. Russell and I enjoyed just looking at him. He is only three weeks old so no tossing the baseball around yet. WE are so happy for Marcie and Keith! It was a wonderful testament to the Easter season--the blessing of new life. Happy Easter to everyone! God Bless.
(Sorry about the pics, but I don't know how to rotate them. Any pointers are welcome.)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Oscar's Big Race

Before the race, we are still optimistic....
Oscar's dad gives him a few strategies

April Fools' on us! We took our precious little Oscar to race with the big dogs in the Windfest Dachshund Races today. Russ and I had big aspirations for Oscar. We always bragged how he was three houses fast, but instead he wasn't even an inch fast! Needless to say, we will keep training and hope for the best next year! There is always next year!