Friday, October 25, 2013

The Wedding

 Getting ready to walk down the aisle...
 It was so fun for Grace Ann...she loved every bit of the excitement!

The beautiful bride!

A weekend of fun!

Last weekend, we traveled to Jackson, MS to see my sweet cousin, Elizabeth, get married!  Although, the drive was not fun, we enjoyed seeing my family on my Dad's side and getting to see Mick, Enjoli, my nephews and Buck!

Friday night, Grace Ann and Russ, rushed to the rehearsal so she could practice her flower girl walk and I stayed back with the boys, who were very cranky. But a little TLC and some milk did the trick and they were much better!

Then off to the dinner that night to celebrate Elizabeth and Cole, who are absolutely precious together!  They had a cute slideshow and all of her brothers and sisters stood up and gave a speech. They have such a sweet, sweet family and they are so close!

 on her way to the rehearsal dinner
 Davis was little upset before we went, his little eyes are so red and puffy.
 my cousins giving a toast
 my sweet boy...who was a little crazy!
 Elizabeth and Cole sitting with her parents
 the "reds" at chick fil a the next morning
 picture with Grandpa
 GA took this pic of me and Russ

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My ballerina!

Grace Ann started ballet and tap! This is her 2nd year with Ms. Kathleen and she loves it!  I took the boys with me to watch her first lesson, and that proved to be a bad idea.  Henry ran around the studio thinking he was at a ALL-GIRL playdate no less. I guess he didn't pick up on that!  Thankfully, Davis was strapped into his carseat, watching from afar.  I just looked a mess of a mom trying to control Henry and enjoy watching GA, so I had to make a hard choice...I had to leave so Grace Ann could have her fun dancing.  I will say that I felt better in the car with the AC on full blast and both boys strapped into their seats, bc I was sweating so much!  Next time, I am going to have Russell on Daddy duty! 

Davis is 7 months old!

 Here is my boy!  Look at all that red hair!  
Davis is 7 months old this month!

Lately, he has been up to so many new things!

Eating:  Nursing 5x a day plus 3 jars and rice cereal a day...but going to add a few more things this month.

Sleep: 2-3 naps a day ranging from 45min. to 2 hours. However, he is getting his first tooth and naps have not been so successful, because I know that he is really hurting.  
Bedtime is usually between 7:30 and 8:00 and he usually will go until 6:30am but sometimes 7:30am.

Milestones: He is getting his first tooth on the bottom right, learning to sit up unsupported and trying to crawl! I hope it takes him a long to crawl, I am not ready for 3 mobile kids!  He can just roll and roll until he gets to where he wants to be!

Cute things: Babbling, chewing on anything because of those teeth, giving us those funny looks like he understands everything we are saying, big huge smiles and belly laughs!


Today, we went to buy our family pumpkins to decorate for Halloween! It was super hot and sticky so we did not stay long...and not only that but the Texas game started at 11! Grace Ann and Henry were so excited because the pumpkin patch is at the church where they go to school. We have been driving by it everyday so the anticipation was pretty built up.

I wanted to get some good pictures of us, but I have just come to realize that our family does not fit the perfect picture mold and someone is always looking the other way or with the wrong expression...oh well, I will look back on these memories and laugh and be so happy I have them!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Henry Happenings!

       This boy has just become rotten and it is all because of ME!  I spoil this boy too much, but I can't help myself he is so stinkin' cute and terribly naughty!
        He started MDO this year going two days a week and has really enjoyed the social atmosphere! He loves to make loud noises, run around in circles and sing and dance to any song being sung!  However, and I do mean, however, he is so loud at rest time! So much so that he is set off by himself so he won't disturb the other sleeping children!  We are working so hard on helping him to "be still and quiet" but this boy just wants the fun to keep going.  Who can blame him? But he does need to follow directions...hopefully, soon I can give a better report!


 Before church holding his new airplane!

 Playing "Jake and the Neverland Pirates"
 Grace Ann had set up "school" for her and Henry to play pretend!
 Watching "rella" his favorite movie...he loves Lucifer and the mice!

         Reading with sister, he loves to do what she does and wants to be right along with her!  They are thick as thieves!

Davis' 6 month stats!

Davis was 6 months old on September 7th!  What?! How did that happen....well, it did and this mama is wiping away the tears!  Oh, I just love this boy so much! He has been busy, busy learning and growing this month!  We went to the doctor for his check-up and shots on the 10th and he was still our big boy!

Weight: 18lbs. 3oz. 
60th percentile
Height: 27 3/4 inches
90th percentile

Sleeping Patterns:  Bedtime around 8:00-8:30pm in his crib and in his room with big brother!
Wakes up anywhere from 5:45 to 6:00am...sometimes we can get him back down with putting the pacifer back in, but other times he gets a little too noisy and might wake up Henry, so in our room he goes.  I try not to feed him until 6:30 or 7:00am.

Eating habits: Nursing/Eating 5x a day and eating almost 3 jars of baby food and rice cereal a day!

Accomplishments/New Discoveries:  Babbling like crazy and loves to watch brother and sister playing around him!  He also has taken an interest in Oscar, and watches him and gets a great big smile when he sees him. Lots of rolling around, no crawling yet or sitting up unsupported, but working on it.  He can move by spinning around and around and going from front to back and back to front pretty fast.

Favorite toys:  Loves to sit in the Bright Starts play center that lets him spin around, any toy that is quishy and chewy and he loves this toy that you can set up on the table and it spins around.

Here are some more cute pictures from this month:
 My cow baby!

 Another sweet blue-eyed, red haired baby! I love it!
 Enjoying the beach from underneath the shade! 
Poor boy would just burn out in the sun!