Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Finally, I am sitting down to concentrate on a Thanksgiving post! Russ, GA and I traveled to San Angelo to spend the night at the deer camp. Russ grew up hunting with his dad and their family friends on this ranch and it still holds wonderful memories for the Sebrings. It was REALLY cold, but thank goodness we only stayed 1 night. This South Texas family can't take too much cold weather. Jack and GA had a blast running around and looking at all the scenery, including looking for deer. After Thanksgiving dinner, GA and I left Russ to stay behind and hunt for another night and we headed into Midland to warm up and visit some of my favorite places. I was able to meet up with Oceana and see how much she has grown, even from the summer! I can't believe she is in 5th grade and remember I taught her in kindergarten! Time flies by...

Enjoy the snapshots of our fun and busy Thanksgiving! I think I need another week to recover!

Running back and forth from the flagpole was a favorite pasttime.

A family picture
Daddy and his little girl!

Back in Midland (in the warmth) with Oceana
On our way home, a stop in Sterling City to eat lunch at the DQ, we played in a park across the street to give GA a break.

She loved for us to chase her! Her face says it all!

Playing hide and go seek! She would actually count to 10!
Sorry I posted this twice!

My name is Grace Ann and I'm an Alpha Delta Pi "Alpha" hear me "ROAR!"

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture of my sweet girl!

She is reading the Eric Carle book, "Will you be my friend?" It has no words and I love how she can tell a story from the pictures! Early literacy is a beautiful thing to witness!!!
More story-telling!

The end of our journey at a Chili's in Boerne, by this time little miss had pulled out pony tail and she looked like a little ragamuffin. But it was so late and we were so ready to get home...I was just glad she went potty before going into the restaurant!
Yes, if I have not mentioned before... GA is potty-trained!!! This makes me super happy these days!!! Because now we only have to buy diapers for one little Sebring!
I hope you enjoyed our pictures! Now it is off to getting ready for a merry, merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toddler Time and Shoreline Strides 5K Walk

On Friday, GA and Russ came to my school for our monthly "Toddler Time" program. Russ was so sweet to take off from work to take her! Then, on Saturday we participated in our friends' Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk/Run on Shoreline. They raised over $10,000 for cancer research! We had a great time and GA stayed in stroller the entire time!
GA and Daddy Here are some serious competitors!

Me and GA

Russ said that GA was not very good at listening!

Going up to help!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We had to sneak a peek!

As most of you have read we were REEEEEALLY trying to wait until the big day to find out the gender! I would still not know if we didn't have this last sono. I was so strong, until Sunday night when I finally broke down and cried my eyes out to Russ about not being able to plan and get ready and how I felt that it was hard to connect with this pregnancy. Those feelings were definitely not something I had foreseen coming on. So being the best hubby, Russ says, "Babe, I just want you to be happy." More tears...and then more tears....and then excitement! Yay!
So my appointment was on Tuesday @ 1pm and Russ was in Laredo, so I asked the sonogram technician to write down in a card for us the sex that we would open later when he got home. Those 5 hours were way too long and I was SO excited to find out! As you can see I took pictures of Russ opening the card, because I was too ansy to do it. GA was dancing around on the kitchen floor and did not stay still long enough for her picture to be taken.
Russ, GA and I are thrilled to be bringing home our little Henry Wade Sebring in March! Enjoy the snap shots of our big moment!

2nd Annual Sebring Halloween Bash!

Well, we held our 2nd annual Halloween Bash again! I was terrible at taking pictures and I didn't get all the shots I wanted. Russ and I went as the Situation and Snooki! I know....such a shame not getting to see me as a pregnant Snooki looking more like a version of Peg from Married with Children! But I did get an unforgettable shot of my man, the SITUATION!

Halloween 2010

I finally got around to posting our Halloween pictures! GA was a ballerina this year and boy did she have a ball in the tutu and ballet slippers! Her Grannie made the head piece and Meme bought the tutu and leotard! Then we completed the outfit with pantyhose and slippers. I loved seeing her dance around and act super girly! I can't WAIT for real ballet lessons and recitals!!!! Here are some pictures from trick or treating on Sunday afternoon and trunk or treat at a friend's church.

Taking a bow for our wonderful neighbor, Miss Carol!

Doing the cake walk....darn, no cake for us! Didn't they see I was in need of a cake?

With Daddy walking to get some candy!

Playing one of the games, nice shot of her headpiece!

Inspecting her lollipop...her new passion.

Checking out her candy...note this is her first time with large (or any) amounts of candy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's a....

Surprise! Yes, we are still determined to let Baby #2 come to us by way of surprise! I know this kills most of my family and friends, but believe me it is pretty darn hard on my side, too! As some of you may know, I am really doing this out of love for my sweet husband. He really wants to have a surprise, so I am on board with supporting him. Which by the way, today is his birthday! Happy Birthday my sweet hubby! GA and I love you oh so much!

Today we went in for our 20 week sono and everything looked really good. I asked so many questions this time around since the first time I was so concerned about finding out the sex. The baby weighed 12 ounces and showed us some cute hands and feet. I measured 5 days earlier than my due date ( 20w 2d). And I have lost one pound, bringing my total weight gain to 7lbs. I feel like with GA I was 13 to 15 lbs. gained, so keeping up with a 2 year old has its advantages. (And Yes, I did try to secretly determine if I saw anything, but half the time I couldn't tell between the bottom and top of the baby, so I was clueless.)

Dr. Wilder did however tell us we get another sono in 4 weeks! Urghhhh.... I thought this would be it until the big day, but I remembered last time he did the same thing with GA so I guess I should look forward to seeing the baby again. But oh my goodness, it is so hard not just to yell out, "OKAY just tell me already!"

Well, it's late and I am super tired, so I will try to post sono pics tomorrow and possibly a belly shot. MAYBE. we'll see.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trip to DC and this weekend at the Island House!

Last weekend, Russ and I traveled to Maryland and DC to see my brother getting promoted from a Captain in the Air Force to a Major. It was a great event and a fun family gathering for us. My mom, Rick and my dad also joined us. I feel a little guilty for not bringing GA, but it was nice for Russ and I to have some grown-up time to relax and enjoy each other.
On Friday, we went to the ceremony in Rosslyn, VA which is right next to DC. In fact you can see everything from the building we were in. My brother is stationed at the Pentagon, but his office is not there due to the fact that there are a lot of people who work there, and not enough space. Something new I learned on this trip. Mick had a great turn out and it was a very special ceremony. I have always been so proud of his accomplishments and it was pretty neat to see it in person.
After the big event we went to this mexican food restaurant, Santa Fe Club, that the officers in his building affectionately refer to as the "Officers Club." It's tradition for the promoted officer to buy drinks for all the people who attended! I was very cheap for Mick since all I had was water!!! So not fun to see people drinking fun margaritas! Then we went to Annapolis for a nice family dinner that was SOOOO good! At that point in the evening, all I wanted was something with creamy butter sauce, I know I am so pregnant! I can't help that I love food!
On Saturday, Russ and I hopped on the Metro headed for The Mall in DC to go touring. Little did we know there was a huge rally with at least 100,000 people also at The Mall and we had to do some manuvering. We enjoyed ourselves doing some people watching, enjoying the wonderful fall weather and going to the American History Smithsonian. After that, we headed back to send QT with my family and watch some LSU football. (My brother is a HUGE LSU fan!)
Enjoy the pics and also I put some in from our little weekend trip to the Island House on Padre Island (Russell's parents just bought this home away from home this summer!)-
Me and Russ with Camden before the ceremony.
My brother, my dad and the Lt. Col. who spoke at Mick's ceremony!

During the ceremony, Camden would go back and forth between Mick and Enjoli.
He behaved so well, unlike the way his cousin acts in church.
Enjoli and I got to put on his golden oak leaves? I think that's what they were...then we got to hit them as hard as we could....apparently an Air Force tradition.
Dad and Rick put on the golden leaves for his shirt.

At the Santa Fe Club, Camden is holding a singing card and later he showed us "famous dance moves!"

Daddy and his girl walking Oscar Dog to the partk!

Even Oscar was able to enjoy the festivities!


How cute are they in their Bobcat gear! Thanks Greer for the cute outfit!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cousin Jack, a trip to Midland and rainy days!

Busy, busy, busy is what we have been these last few weeks! Family in town for Labor Day, a trip to our favorite West Texas town and school canceled for flood rains in South Texas! I feel so bad because I have not been in my classroom since last Wednesday, my students have probably forgotten that I am even their teacher!! Last week, I was oh so fortunate to be called into jury duty and then yep--picked for the jury! I have to say that it was really hard to sit and listen to someone's mistakes and then make a judgement on it. I have such a sensitive heart and I want to believe the best in everyone, so this was a very hard job for me. But thankfully, it's over and me, Russ and GA left for Midland on Thursday for a quick visit. (I had Friday off for Hummer festival.)
We went on a whirlwind visiting tour and we were able to see three new babies! Now that we are expecting, it makes me so excited to have another one ( a little nervous, too). I was able to feed little miss emery and I was so scared I was doing it wrong( thanks Jill for being so patient with my fumble fingers) I am going to need some more practice! Thank goodness GA has plenty of doll babies to practice with....ha! We also got to see miss henley faye and mr. jake!!! Such cute and precious babies and so tiny...I keep thinking was grace ann that tiny?
I also got to visit with my sweet treasure, Oceana!! I love this girl so much and she is such a constant reminder of joy for Russ and I! We were able to take her to lunch and then she and I hung out at Barnes and Nobles looking at books (something I have not done in FOREVER!). Yes, GA was with her Meme, thank goodness.
Well, my fingers are getting pretty enjoy the pictures! Sorry no pictures from our trip to Midland.
Our little ballerina!
"I a ballerina!"-Grace Ann

Eating waffles with Mommy on our rainy day date!

Are they not cute in those life jackets! Nellie made the picture, too!

Dancin' fools!
Always giggling and playing around like monkeys!
I love, love, love their belly laughs!!!

My sweet girl! She's going to be such a great big sister!!