Monday, January 23, 2012

Baking Cookies for Santa!

As you can see I am still posting Christmas pictures! This picture was taken on Christmas Eve when GA and my dad were making cookies for Santa. Of course, my dad does the slice and bake version, but Grace Ann didn't care and she loved the "event" of making the cookies for Santa! I will have to say that Santa had no complaints!

Brother Bear enjoying the festivities!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grace Ann's Christmas Party

I feel bad that I didn't take very good pictures of the party...I think because I was holding brother the entire time and paying attention to all the festivities! But here is GA enjoying her first school Christmas party and she had so much fun!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Part 2

What a fun Christmas we had this year! Another year of fun, joy and good laughs! This year we did Christmas at our house when Santa dropped off the goodies, then headed to church at 9:30 and then headed over to the grandmother's and the island house to round off the day. It was to say the least, a day of wonderful exhaustion! I love to be around all of our family, but at the same end it wears my family out! We were so tired by the end of the day...I guess that is why Christmas only comes around once a year!

The following pics are of our day un-wrapping all the great gifts we received by our family and Santa! We are so blessed beyond belief and I am so glad that Santa went a little light on the gifts because everyone else went out of their way to give to our children!

My dad and Earl....the Christmas pirates!

Through out most of the un-wrapping, Grandpa Tommy was in charge of brother!

Mary looked so cute in her scarf, she made all our yummy food later that day!
She is a great cook and I married into some great recipes!

We gave this game to Mary to play our game nights on the island!
Earl got a Pirate Ship from Mary...she is making him into the Pirate Pepaw!
Henry is actually wearing his I had to post several pictures of this!

GA loves to see the manger and Baby Jesus....the Sebring kiddos made very helpful choices at church on Christmas day!

Yay, Santa brought a Belle dress and matching doll!
Santa knew that Brother was getting a lot of hand me down toys from Big Sister so he did not want to crowd the Sebring house with too much loot! Thank you Santa!

The kids also got their big ticket item, too! A Little Tikes Home and Garden playhouse! It is so cute that is very gender neutral...a tool bench on one side and a kitchen/flowerbox on the other. Plus a little fence and mailbox! I know that Henry and GA will have fun "fixing" their house together...I just hope little miss will share the hammer and screwdriver!

Finally, my Christmas Posts! Part I

Great....clothes! Thanks mom and dad!

I love the look of Christmas joy on her face! I can remember how exciting it was to open presents and now I have so much fun watching all the excitement!

He just doesn't quite understand what's going on!

Watching the Santa report...where is he?
This was the ONLY picture of the two of them that looked halfway decent!

Happy Birthday Meme! Russell's mom and aunt have birthdays (they are twins) 2 days before Christmas! How neat that Grandmother Tatum got Christmas twins for Christmas one year!
The look on brother's face is priceless and I just had to post it! What a funny face!

Just days before Christmas this guy became mobile!

GA and I made these goodie bags to pass out at the nursing home before Christmas!
It was definitely an eye opening experience to see how lonely some of the elderly are at the holidays. They thought GA and H were cute and it was great to see some smiles!