Sunday, July 26, 2015

Emme- 3 months old!

 Emme, you are 3 months old!
How did this happen?
Well, little miss we have just enjoyed your smiles so much and hearing you use your voice!
Being #4 hasn't been easy, especially when it comes to naps and sleeping, I'm sorry you are often woken up by your crazy brothers or a sister who gets too excited from something that happened on "Magic School Bus."  (Yes, we have had a Netflix summer!)
 You have the most beautiful eyes and I think they will be brown!
You love the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." That song makes you light up.

 I think you weigh about 13 lbs. because at 2 months you were 11# 5oz.
Your legs haven't completely chunked out yet, but you have some sweet chub cheeks!
 Sleeping has been good this month.  You are finally going to bed earlier than 11p/12a and taking some good naps.  I try to get you down around 9:30, but sometimes you have other plans and you might not settle down until 10:30p, but so far your trend is to sleep until 8:30! So I will not complain!
Eating has been good, too. Still only breastmilk and trying to make sure we keep giving her bottles, so I can get away for a few hours if I need to run some "mommy only" errands.  
 Bow time!
Just look at that face! We all definitely overload you with kisses, especially your brother Henry!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fun at Meme and PePaw's house!

 Our sweet girls!

 Grace Ann had a little tea party with her two friends!

 Tara and Emme

 A big kid reunion!
 Sweet friends and now soon to be 1st graders!

 Davis really knows how to wear his pirate hat!  He would tell us "I a pirate, arghhhh!"

 Ready for the pool! And Emme, too!

 Getting ready to fish...checking out the bait and Pepaw's bag of goodies!

Boy, do vacations wear him out!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 4th!

 Oh, my sweet girl! She was very festive in her patriotic colors!
 Mary worked hard on these party desserts!

 Never a dull moment when we attempt family pictures!

This guy loves his newest baby girl! And let me tell ya, she's super easy to love!

Daddy's Catch!

 Waiting for Daddy to get back....
Russ snuck away for a quick but much needed fishing escape.
Thankfully, he was able to get a catch, which he called a "keeper." 
The kids, of course, were super excited to see the fish, but not touch the fish!

 The Sebring men back from the sea!

Enjoying PePaw's boat!