Thursday, February 28, 2013

More pictures from Henry's Birthday weekend!

 This boy loves to play in the curtains!
 Exploring the doctor kit on sister's bed
 Apparently, this was under grandparent supervision, bc Russ and I do not encourage jumping monkeys!
 And I think this was Pop-Pop's idea, too!
 Those are some silly faces! 
 Warm- up dancing before the party!
 Henry's new thing is to close his eyes and spin you can see he looks hilarious!
 What a sweet boy with that sweet smile and waiting so patiently for his cake!
 He loved blowing out his candle!

 He got an art easel and he loves playing with it!  It has a chalk side and a magnetic side!
 And Russ and I got him a Little People Zoo, which he loves to explore and so does Big Sister!

We go to the doctor tomorrow for another check-up to see about Baby Davis!  So hopefully we will get a better idea on his arrival, so we can make plans! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

37 weeks

 Almost there!
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along?  37 weeks 2 days, in picture
Weight Gain: Too much to count!
Symptoms:  Swelling, swelling and more swelling! I am just a big mess of puffiness this go around!  This morning as I stared at my super puffy face I just wondered if I would ever look normal again!  I know that it will go down (in time) and one day I will look at myself and miss that pregnant stage, so I am trying to ignore my moments of being too vain and look at this as one of the best moments of my life.
Cravings:  not too much since eating has become such a chore
Any progress: Not much, still at 2 cm!
My prediction on when he will arrive: I hope March 6th! That will make me 39 weeks!
Best Moment this Week: Getting a pedicure! Now my toes are ready!
 And this weekend, we enjoyed a little birthday fun with Henry's little playmate, Foster, at their family ranch! It was a tractor party and the kids got to have a fun hayride (and no I did not participate in that one!).  Poor Henry had just woken up from his nap in the car and wasn't too sure of what was going on, but Russ said he warmed up when he saw the cows and horses!

Big Sister/Cowgirl Grace Ann

Sunday, February 17, 2013

36 weeks

 Me and my sweet, sweet girl on our way to a friend's baby shower!
She was so excited to go to a "girl party" where she kept saying that no boys were allowed to come!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along? 36 w 3 d
Weight gain: a ton!
Gender: BOY
Symptoms: Everything and anything! But mostly, my main complaint is the fact that my right hand is so numb and tingly and my left hand just aches and aches (mostly during the night time).  Plus I am just a swollen mess and can't wait to get that over and done with!  
Cravings: All kinds of name it, I want it!  But now I just can't eat much, due to lack of room and by the time I eat something terrible I just feel yuck!
Trying to do:  drink lots of water and watch my salt intake for the swelling, but I have come to realize that EVERYTHING has salt in it!  
What I miss:  good sleep without an enormous belly!  turning from one side to the other is such a chore and has taken its toll on my back, plus I am ready to get back to running!  I miss my alone time where you can just run that stress off! 
Any progress: I went to the dr. on Friday and I am dialated (spell check) to 2 cm.  But I could stay that way for the next 3 weeks, so we will see!  
But just in case, Russ and I are packed up. Secretly, I think Russ is a little nervous that my water will break when I am alone with the kids and he will be super worried about how we will get to the hospital. But hopefully, that won't happen and we will be induced!  
Best moment this week:  Having some alone time with Grace Ann on Saturday when we went to the shower.  I know that it will take me a few weeks (maybe months) to get into the groove of having 3 kids plus balancing quality time with each of them.  

And just a sidenote, I am so proud of our kids today at church!  They BOTH behaved so well and I didn't leave with a bead of sweat!  Yay for small victories! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

 Happy Valentine's Day!  We celebrated in a very low-key way: tacos and "sweetheart" sundaes!  This afternoon, we made homemade notes and Valentine's to each other and hung them up in the kitchen.  Grace Ann wore her finest and so when Russ came home, he put on his tuxedo shirt and we both laughed as she called him "a waiter." 
 What a smile!
As you can see, brother wasn't too keen on getting his picture taken!  I promise he was happy earlier! 

Henry's Birthday Party- my camera

 Since Davis will be born around Henry's actual 2nd birthday, Russ and I wanted to make sure we could celebrate without feeling overwhelmed and so we could give our first boy all of our attention!  His theme this year was "ELMO" and it was so easy to decorate! He had a few little friends over, except his main  playmate was sick with strep!  Grace Ann was also excited for her brother and helped with the festivities! 

 These were the cutest little "hotdog" cutters that Mary found at Wal-Mart! They slice the hotdogs and the dog bowl is where you put the ketchup!  These were the little favors plus a book and balloon!
 the cake turned out so cute
 look at that sweet, sweet face!
 GA made the sign and I was very impressed with her Elmo!
 Henry's little cake

What sillies I have when I try to take one decent picture of my folks with the kids before they left!
GA is not a poser anymore and Henry is a wiggle worm!

Davis and Henry's Room

 Well, I feel that I am pretty much finished with decorating the boy's room!  In reality, little Davis will not be sleeping here for a while, but I have been in nesting mode and wanted to add a few touches to change it from when we brought Henry home! 

There is a lot of furniture in this room...a changing table, dresser, twin bed and crib! I am just glad that boys are a little less maintenance than little girls, bc there would be no way GA could share her room or closet! 

I am getting excited to meet our new little guy and hope he will be okay with an active brother and sister!  I feel a little bad for the 3rd one, as he will not know what a quiet house will be like, especially with a senior citizen dog barking at every squirrel that comes near our house!   
 Mary did the headboard for us and it turned out so well! 
 Russ painted our old dresser red!  We just bought some new bedroom furniture and we have used this Lowe's unfurnished piece for almost 10 years!  He did a great job!

 Davis' coming home outfit and wipe case/name tag that my friend made! 
The crib isn't fixed up yet with the bedding since it is still Henry's bed, but I can't wait to get it out again!
And Russ painted the stripes, too!  Such a hard-working hubby! He deserves a fishing trip!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Diaper shower!

 Oh, what sweet, sweet friends I have to celebrate Baby Davis with me!  My friend, Tara, put together a little night out at Johnny Carino's for me!  And it was so much fun to relax with my friends, eat good food and cake and open lots of diapers and wipes plus some other personalized goodies! 
 Leann, Me and Beth
 This picture doesn't do the cake justice, it was so precious in person!
 Me and Leah
 Beth, me, Tara and Natalie
 Stacey, me and Suzanne

 Mandi, me and Aleisha

So cute!

Thank you again to all my friends for making me feel so special and loved!