Monday, August 31, 2015

Emme- 4 months!

Hello pretty girl, you are 4 months old and growing so much! 
Please sloooooow down, I just can't keep up.  
This girl has been just a joy to have in our family with her smiles, coos and complete excitement to be a part of all the chaos! 
As you can see, we love playing dress-up with big bows and fun dresses.
So far, Emme has been a great sleeper with 10-12 hour stretches at night and a quick napper during the day.
Unfortunately, we go here and there with drop-offs and therapy appts. that she just doesn't have any kind of consistent day time routine.  I am trying but it just doesn't seem to work, but we are getting her to bed sometime around 8:30-9:30p depending upon how her day went.  
I am hoping this lifestyle will help her to be a very flexible child, fingers crossed! 

Not sure how much she weighs, but I took her in to the dr. at the beginning of August for a cough and she was 12lbs. 15oz. and 24.5 inches, so I am sure that not much has changed.  

We are still nursing with a few bottles that I pump for when we are out and about and she loves to get rocked in the glider and I love sitting in it, so it's a win-win!

This month we are starting to put fingers in the mouth more, and still not taking a paci consistently, although I still try when I think she just might want it.  

I am looking forward to when Davis starts MDO so I can have some one on one time with you and we can cuddle more! 

We love you sweet Emme and can't wait to see what 5 months brings us!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

More birthday fun!

 Sweet Emme and her smile that makes my heart melt!

 and sweet sisters, too!

 photo credit: Grace Ann
 We did a little at home birthday party with the McDaniel clan when we got home from Cleveland.

My cuties!

 This boy is in love with his sister! 
He loves to give her toys and kisses all.the.time!

 I could just sop this baby up with some gravy! She is so stinkin' cute and I just love her so much!
 She's wearing one of my baby dresses!

 And then there's the "wait a minute" face and the "I totally don't like what's going on" face!

 And then of course there's Mr. Davis who has decided early on he doesn't take the traditional nap (in his bed), but on people, like his Pop-Pop. Or in the car or in a chair at a restaurant.  He is a stubborn boy, this one!

 American Girl Store FUN- GA's 7th birthday!
She picked out a doll that looks like her with "caramel hair and blue eyes" and her name is 
Gracie! (aka doll #37) They have a ton of the look alike dolls!

 Totally twins!

 Enjoying the bistro for dinner!
It was so pink and  perfect, we loved it, including somebody's Daddy!

 Another Daddy's girl who will one day want a doll, too!
 Such a cute cake and what a big smile!

 More birthday fun, on her actual birthday.  
We celebrated in Cleveland this year with American Girl Store and fun with Grannie and Pop-Pop!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School for Grace Ann and Henry!

 So excited about 1st grade!
 Russ took her to school
 and walked her to her classroom!

 And I took Henry to preschool! He is in the four year old class this year and was beyond excited to be back!

With his teacher, Ms. Jennifer!