Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just to tide you over!

Last weekend was filled with fun events for us! I got a haircut, threw a baby shower, had a dinner night with my girlfriends AND had lots of rest! Thank you husband!!! Here are some pictures that I managed to take...

I got some bangs cut and as you can see in the picture I look a bit like a pirate! ARRRRRGH....

GA's silly face!

31 week belly!

My sweet girlfriends! Three of us are due within 2-3 weeks of each other!
2 boys and a surprise!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

Whew! The Sebring household has been very busy with a very busy and headstrong 2 year old! Just when we think we have this whole parenting thing down, we are once again thrown a curve ball and it's name is... THE BEDTIME TANTRUM! Oh yeah, our sweet GA, the ever so professional sleeper has turned into a super fun little miss around 8:00pm.

So, I rolled my sleeves up and told Russ to get out the camera! We are making little miss a night-time picture schedule and she is going to get on a better routine! I do these types of things for my students with difficulty transitioning, why not for my own child! So watch out Terrible Twos!

Here is a sample of our new bedtime routine ( I didn't post the potty time part, but you can get the gist.)

Clean up after dinner
Pajama Time

Quick belly shot-30 weeks
This is for Remica!
Brushing teeth with Mr. Frog
Go figure he's pink?!
Storytime with Daddy and Oscar Dog

Prayer time, notice GA is helping Mr. Frog pray!

In the name of the Father...

and the son and the Holy Spirit
(believe me we have the Holy Spirit down pat!)
Turn on the "TV" and go to bed!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas to all! Get ready for a million pictures of our Christmas 2010! And these are not even all the pictures! I still need to add some of my parents with Grace Ann! The pictures go in order from Christmas eve before the Vigil Mass we attended at CC Cathedral all the way to GA and Camden in the backyard. Enjoy!

GA and her Daddy
Mommy and GA

Silly pose! (Notice we are wearing every bracelet she owns!)

Christmas Eve (after church) decorating a Gingerbread House!

Daddy had to do the icing!

Now what, Daddy?

Yummy candy!
Look what Santa left!

Even Henry got something!

GA was feeling under the weather with a bad cough and she didn't quite understand the excitement at first!
Daddy showing her the tricycle!
Digging through her stocking!

Sweet moments with Meme and Pepaw!

So sweet!

Unwrapping some of Henry's presents....she did not like these!

Every 2 year olds dream...riding down the road with your shades and pillow pet!

Camden and GA eating their supper!

Jumping in the trampoline!

On a warmer day... playing together outside!

Early December 2010

As you can tell by the title, I am running behind on my posting! So here is the first of many new blog posts! In the first few pictures, we are trying to get a cute Christmas picture of GA in front of the tree. There was a lot of bribing and threatening on the part of me and Russ...yes, I know totally bad parenting techniques. BUT we did manage ONE pretty good picture! The rest are the outtakes! Ever since Rick gave us our Nikon D60 it has been a dream taking pictures! That camera makes anyone feel like a pro!

The other two pictures are of GA and Russ decorating the tree! We got a real tree this year and we loved it! Oddly, we found one at Lowe's that was a great price and a great tree! It smelled so good and the clean-up wasn't too bad either!

Updates on GA:

  • She loves to be a helper! And she often calls me Cinderella and asks, "May I help you Cinderella?" I am guessing because she sees me as this beautiful princess who LOVES to clean our house! Ha-ha... it does make you feel good, though.
  • Her sleeping habits have taken a turn for the worse... we have to coax a lot more and prepare her for bedtime A LOT more!
  • She is talking up a storm, with lots of thoughtful expressions and questioning! I am constantly amazed by what comes out of her mouth!
  • She loves to play outside and ride her "tractor" (it's not a tractor, but a power wheels Barbie mini- 4 wheeler)
  • She is not overly excited about "this new baby brother thing" that we keep talking about! I told her that she was going to have share her toys and her reply,"I not share with him." GREAT!
  • She's been testing the parental discipline waters and throwing those lovely developmental 2 year old tantrums! Can't she give her kindergarten teacher mom a break and be perfect?
  • All in all she's awesome and we love her oh so much, because she's ours and she truly is absolutely perfect for us!!!!