Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prayers for Sophie

Friends and Family-I have a prayer request. Russ and I found out recently that our friends' Natalie and Marvin's baby (due in April) heart is underdeveloped on one side. They have met with the neonatal cardiologist and have heard good news that this is very treatable. However, little Sophie will have surgery immediately after she is born. She will also have several other surgeries to correct this later on.

Since in my experience the power of prayer is so great and so is our God I wanted to begin a prayer button on my blog for Sophie. I have seen similar prayer buttons on other blogs and I think it is a great way to get out the word that someone is in need of our thoughts and prayers.

Natalie doesn't have a blog yet, but when she does I will make the button go to her blog so we can be updated on Sophie's progress!

So please pray for Sophie and her family!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Little Christmas!

Merry Christmas Friends and Family! Me, Russ and GA just had the best little Christmas ever! We celebrated this joyous holiday with my parents in Cleveland (not Ohio). We just oohed and ahhed over this little baby and took a million pictures of her, as you can tell. I would have posted all the pictures but we took at least 200! I know....are we crazy people or what?!
Grace Ann got a jumper/activity center from her Grann and Pop that was in all pink...her favorite color and a bumbo (something we really needed) plus tons of precious outfits! She hasn't quite figured out how to work all the gadgets but I know in no time she will be really "with it."
I know I say this all the time, but we are so blessed to have Miss Grace Ann with us! I can just remember this time last year when we found out that we would have a baby and now look at our little family! I am so proud and thankful for our good health and wonderful friends and family!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Part I with the Sebring Family

A Family Shot (Grace Ann didn't know when to smile! Maybe next time!)

GA got some super cute clothes this year!

Mimi and Pepaw with the grandkids!

Great Aunt Marcie and Mom with GA and Jack

Aunt Marcie with her sweet niece

Unwrapping those presents has already begun and we started with the Sebring Family on Monday night! We were missing quite a few folks due to work committments, but next year we hope to have the whole crew back together again! We missed you Keith, Cousin Crystal, Nick, Clayton and Mica!

Grace Ann was actually very entertained with the wrapping paper. She loved to wave it around in the air and Cousin Jack was sweet enough to hand her some between unwrapping presents. It was so much this year with the little ones.
After all the oohing and ahhing over what we all got.....we took some candid family shots! By the way thank you so much for all the wonderful presents. WE are definitely spoiled by our Sebring folks!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Four Months? Already!

Goodness Gracious it has already been four months since Grace Ann has entered our lives and given us a real life roller coaster! We have enjoyed every minute of it but there has been plenty of bumps, curves and dips on this ride that we are traveling.
Grace Ann has been changing so much and we are amazed at all her new tricks. She is smiling, giggling, wiggling, scooting and really is trying to roll over. We think that will be pretty soon though.

We have sent out our Christmas cards but I will post the picture here too. I love getting everyone's cards! It is too much fun getting the mail to see who is doing what and where and what all the babies are up to!
Since this is the fourth post in an hour I think I have blogstuffed you guys so I will sign off until Christmas! Have a very Merry Christmas and drive safe!
God Bless and Peace on Earth! Our Saviour is Born!!!!

Grace Ann in Action!

Finally I have been able to upload a video to the blog! I have tried this three times before and now it has finally worked! Yea!

Grace Ann has really started sitting up in our laps and Russell has been playing choo-choo train with her lately and she loves it! So we just sit around and play this silly game trying to get her to laugh and smile! It is definitely the highlight of my evening, that and the fact that I have another pair of hands around!

I am becoming Susie Homemaker!

When we were in Midland, Russell's mom was getting ready for their annual Christmas party and I decided to create a new wreath for our front door. In Midland they have a

fancy Christmas store, Miss Cacee's, and it has some really amazing decorations. The wreath that I wanted from there was let's just say at least $$$ dollar signs, so I decided to put my crafty self to work with some extra stuff from Russell's mom. So here is what I came up may not be a Miss Cacee's orginial but pretty darn close!

The first picture shows the curtains I made over Thanksgiving, too! Mary and I went fabric shopping and found a great deal on it and with some "stitch witchery" (I think that is the spelling) ta-da......I made some curtains.

Grace Ann's Three Month pictures by Erin Black

These are some of my favorite pictures that Erin took of Grace Ann while we were in Midland. I love how she captures all the details! She is a wonderful photographer and you can see all our pictures on her website: Just click on Galleries and scroll down to Grace Ann!

Monday, December 8, 2008

We Three Elves!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Santa Baby!

Before Russ took her to see Santa, we did a little photo op on the couch! Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture a smile.

Grace Ann has thrown out her pacificer for her fingers and her thumb! I guess they are tastier!

She is looking at Russ as he is trying to get her luck!

I love my baby legs!

Just a cute picture of her and Russ after bath time!

My mom bought GA some of these cute baby legs a month ago and we just couldn't help ourselves putting her in them! A theme song comes to mind when I see her wearing them.
Flashdance and the Maniac song are what have had Russ and I laughing the entire time. Of course I think Russ was also laughing at me showing GA the dance that goes with that song (think Tommy Boy and Chris Farley at the gas station)! Yeah I know I am a total goofball, but

I will do anything to hear her laugh! It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard! Ahhh....... Baby laughs.

Thanksgiving pictures

Hanging out in the travel swing after the big meal while my Daddy watches the Texas game!

Grace Ann and Hanna Cate Harper meet for the first time! They are 4 days apart and cutie pies!

Oceana, our sweet goddaughter, reads Grace Ann nursery rhymes!
GA likes the pictures!

Here are a few pictures that I managed to take on our trip to Midland for Thanksgiving. I am afraid that I did a very poor job of photographer.............I will be much better for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Thankful Thanksgiving!

Russ and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Russell's parents and Marcie,Keith and Jack in Midland. We had so much fun visiting our friends and seeing new babies, Carson and Hannah Cate! They are too cute! I was so terrible and didn't take many pictures while in Midland. I guess I just forgot to take out the camera. I know, I know it was GA's first Thanksgiving and I am a terrible mother not to capture the moment. But I swear she slept through the festivities on the Rainforest Bouncer that Todd and Janai lent no harm done, right?

I will post pictures tomorrow, because right now I am (well supposed to be) hanging up curtains in the dining room. I am hosting a wedding shower this weekend and I am super busy getting things ready!

I am so glad that everyone had a good holiday............yes I have had time to do a little blogstalking! He-he....