Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too sweet for words!

Okay a few words...

I love this guy SOOOOOO much!

Henry's First Bath

We are experiencing a lot of firsts (all over again!) over here at the Sebring house! Little Henry's umbilical cord fell off when he was two weeks old and he got his first bath the next day! As you can see in the picture below he wasn't too thrilled about the big event!

Not too happy! But it got better!
Daddy washing his back!
All bundled up and ready to be warmed up!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Henry's First Week at Home

Here are just a few pictures from the first week we were at home! I tried posting some more but it was taking forever and I need to catch some sleep. I will try again tomorrow!
At Henry's first doctor appointment
So sweet!

Hanging out with Daddy

Grannie and Henry

GA's 1st Haircut

Well the time had come and I couldn't cut those bangs any longer on my own! So after Henry was born, my mom and I took GA to get her haircut. It took only 10 minutes and she did really well. Towards the end she was getting a little antsy, but she held it together! Thank goodness! And I have to say that it looks pretty darn cute! Here are the pictures from the big event!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Journey...

Whew...time flies by before you know it! I can't believe Henry is 9 days old and yet I feel like he has been with us forever! Here are pictures from the night before he was born, when Russ and I were getting ready to leave for the induction. We wanted to take a last belly shot and the last Sebring 3 family picture! Enjoy the pictures...

Me and my sweet GA
38 weeks 4 days

The Sebring 3

My mom, GA and me

Talking on the phone to Emily and filling out the baby book while we wait on Tuesday night

He's Here!!!
Still shocked that he came so fast! Only 3 1/2 hours of labor!

Just taking him in! I love looking at this little boy!

Getting dressed to go home...his outfit was HUGE! And he was so fussy from the "man part" surgery that we did not want to make him more upset by taking more pictures.

Daddy strapping him in for the first time in the carseat!

So sweet!

Not the best picture of us...we were SO ready to leave the hospital! They took forever to discharge us!
Here is a picture of GA and her Pop-pop when she came to meet Henry. This is her Henry doll that we gave her at the hospital. Rick has pictures of the night she met Henry and I will post those later!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Henry Wade Sebring
March 9, 2011
7 lbs. 1 oz. 20 inches

From the moment we met him we have been in love!
He is absolutely perfect and once again we are blessed.
Thank you to our friends and family for their wonderful prayers and thoughts while our family grew from three to four.

Here are a few pictures from Wednesday:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Henry's Big Debut

Russ and I went to the doctor today and we are for sure going in for the induction on Tuesday night. Yes, this Tuesday night!!!! I am a little nervous to say the least, but I am also super excited to meet our little guy!

I think it's different having the other gender, because I really can't imagine what he's going to look like or who, because GA has very few of my features, more of Russ's side and off the charts coloring from way back in my family! So we could possibly have another blue-eyed and red-headed baby or he could look just like us! It's so up in the air, but I think that is how the Lord surprises us. It is definitely HIS plan on how he gives us our children and he has shown me and Russ that we can't plan everything!

We will keep you updated and I will post pictures as soon as I have recuperated! Until then, keep us in your prayers and wish us well! We have felt so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family thinking of us!

Henry's nursery

Here are pictures of Henry's room that I took this week! I love the bedding that my mom got him from PB with the whale theme! I don't know why I love whales so much, but I think they are just too cute! Grace Ann is so precious about his room. She says, "Henry has whales and I have octopus!" She has an octopus on one of her accent pillows. She loves to see the new things he has gotten and of course loves to play with them, too.

Now all we need is our little bundle of joy to come and enjoy his new room!

I'm going to add his name above the crib!

Grace Ann's Big Girl Room!

Here are some pictures of GA's big girl room! Her walls are a pale green and the ceiling a pale pink, but for some reason my pictures just don't do the color justice...so just imagine that it is cuter in person!

Being silly!

Somebody thought she would so funny and try out her old car seat for kicks! As you can see she has REALLY outgrown the infant seat! We had a good laugh and as you can tell so did she! We love you baby girl!

Little Bay Shower

I have felt so blessed to have been showered with such love at my school! They threw me a shower on a Friday afternoon and so many people came to help celebrate Henry's arrival! We got so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts and I am so grateful for all the support that everyone has given us this year! I will miss seeing them everyday, but I am excited to stay at home with Henry for the rest of the year!

Showing my principal Henry's baby book
Notice everyone is wearing their school shirts...I can't fit into mine!!

One of the Pre-K teachers made this fleece blanket by tying two different fleece fabrics together! What a sweet idea!

The yummy cake!

Thank you so much for your kindness Little Bay! You are the BEST!


In February, Russ went paddle-boarding for a friend of ours surprise birthday party! I was impressed that Russ didn't fall off and it was his first time to try this out! But anything dealing with water, Russ does well at, I think he was a fish in a previous life. Here are some pics of the fun outing! It was a beautiful day and GA and I enjoyed seeing all the boats!

A rare moment of shyness from GA
Not for long! Notice the tattered Burger King crown!

Hanging out with Daddy!